23,720 JW child molesters

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  • hawkaw

    Seeing I am on strike and read the board this a.m. I just want to say ....

    .... I am glad you are talking to Bill and I thank you for sharing your real life story. If you get a chance have a chit chat with Barb A. too.

    I would like to Email you too but I am kinda ... well .. long story.

    Anyway if you are talking to Bill, tell him hawk says Hi.

    Take care


  • Pathofthorns

    I had decided to let this thread fade away for obvious reasons, but since it is at the top, I too will say I am glad you are talking to Bill.

    As we all struggle to better understand this complex issue there are sure to be more meaningful discussions in the future. When we appreciate we all want to 1)see victims get help 2)help prevent future victims 3)see molesters brought to justice (while protecting the reputation of innocent men) 4) see the WT a less harmful place and eventually have people freed from its grip completely, I think we can understand that we really are all on the same side.

    The WT mindset and way of thinking can be a difficult thing to shed, and the exJW critical mind can take a while to appreciate. My intent is not to destroy Silentlambs, but to keep it's objectives grounded in fact and reason. No reputable organization should have a problem answering reasonable questions or responding to reasonable criticism and really should welcome these things.

    Again, I am glad things will most likely work out between bill and
    plmkrzy, and although many questions in this thread have remained unanswered, I will bow out and raise them at a more suitable time.


  • joelbear

    I would actually like to see side by side what current Watchtower policy is and what Bill wants to see changed about current Watchtower policy.

    It seems that they have made at least some changes in the direction he wants.


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