23,720 JW child molesters

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  • silentlambs

    Inside sources reveal,

    23,720 and counting…..

    Child Molesters on file at the home office in Patterson NY .

    This is now posted on the front page of my website. I also have further background as to how we arrived at this number.

  • sunscapes

    that piece went directly to Dateline, thank you Bill.

    It's astounding.

    My wife's first guess, sight unseen of your post, is one hundred thousand.

    lol, by reading your site she sounds more accurate...

    we'll start at 23,720 and work up from there...

    That's WORSE than the Catholic Church they loathe...

  • Amazing

    Hi SL: On July 27, 2001 I posted the following Poll results: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=9052&site=3

    Based on that Poll, I extrapolated that there were at least 5,328 JW child molesters. I felt this number was conservative, though some felt it was too high.

    Given the number of 5,328 JW molesters, and using the average of 70 victims per 'preferrential pedophiles' (mid level type, but by far the most common type) the potential number of JW victims could be as high as 372,960 in the USA. Or using the lower end based on the number of victims the respondants to the Poll knew about the victims could be as few as 25,947 in the USA.

    However, if the Society knows about 23,720 JW child molesters, this changes everything!:

    1. This means that the rate of molesters in their organization is much higher than the general population, at least 500% more!

    2. The number of potential victims based on well documented averages of 70 per molester, means that 1,660,400 JW victims exist.

    3. Is the number of 23,720 a "worldwide figure? If so this means that the ratio of victims to the worldwide population of JWs is 2.8 victims per every 10 JWs on earth or 28% of their approximate 6,000,000 membership. This is astounding!

    4. My number of 5,328 is based on USA ratios only. This is 22% of the 23,720 mentioned in your post. The USA has about 930,000 JW of the approximate 6,000,000 JWs worldwide. The USA JW membership is 16% of their worldwide membership, suggesting that if your 23,720 number is for worldwide figures, then the pedophile problem is worse inside the USA.

    IF Accurate, then: This makes their religion far more culpable and criminal than I ever imagined.

  • nicolaou

    That's an astonishing figure Bill - and very sad too, but can I ask a question I'm sure you'll hear quite often......how reliable are your sources?

    I know you cannot reveal them but are you sure you can trust them?

    More power to you Bill, wish there were a few more like you.



  • SixofNine

    I'm sure that number is primarily composed of low-hour-per month publishers.

  • sleepy

    If this is true it fits in with this, I posted A while back,

    Highest percentage of sexual perverts are church goers.
    A report in the Daily epress in Great Britian today states,
    "Up to three quarters of sex offenders are regular members of church congregations and religious groups, the Victoria Climbie* inquiry was told yesturday.
    Church leaders fear the figures have been inflated by peadophiles using congregations as a hunting ground for children.
    They warned the hearing into the eight year olds murder that children who attend places of worship need greater protection.
    David Pearson, director of the church Child protection advisory service, accused some churches of offering "lax and irresponsible" care for vulnerable youngsters.
    Churches therefore should be at the forefront of child protection and many have highly developed child protection policeies"

    *Victoria Climbie was a girl tortured and murdered by her guardians who were said to be deeply religious.

    If this report is accurate then it seems perverts are using churches as hunting grounds.
    The society should be taking the lead in providing child protection if in deed it is the true religion.
    Instead can it be described as one of those that is "lax and irresponsible"?

    I had belived that peadophiles were no bigger an issue in the Witness organisation than anywhere else.
    But it seems that churches are a special target for sexual preditors.
    This means that people join religions with the purpose of abusing children.Apparently peadophiles are very cunning and manipulative.
    I have heard on the news before how they seek out jobs that involve looking after children and will play along for years in their chosen role , not raising any suspicion.
    But for three quarters to belong to churchs seams like a very high figure bigger than those who may be working in child care or other places with children.
    Would peadophiles have knowledge that the witnesses are paricularly lax when it comes to protecting children?
    Could this make kingdom hall a bigger target for them?

  • flower


  • Kophagangelos

    I can not believe that the count of pedophile are very high! It is very hard!

  • anewperson

    The figures come from the Watchtower Society's own computer database into which they are typing all sin files on everybody, so they are reliable for the U.S. Possibly outside the U.S. there are not as many pedophiles in the congregations, although there are other serious problems such as elders who beat their wives. Thanks, Bill (and the two sources who confirmed this).

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Approximately 6 child molesters for each "legitimate" member of the 'spirit annointed" remnant (the WTS estimates that half of the 8,000 partakers at the Memorial each year are "mistaken" about their "calling").

    What is wrong with this picture?

    - Nathan Natas, UADNA
    (Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America)

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