My Final Goodbye

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  • steve2

    Unlearn - I appreciated your post. You expressed in a few succinct sentences such an even-handed outlook and wisdom.

  • still thinking
    still thinking


    Make a thread...have YOUR SAY, poke at the owner of the forum... and leave. Actually, that's how children behave. Adults discuss things...or just PM the owner (who they have known and worked with for years).

    If it had just been a goodbye...I've enjoyed my time here but it's time to move on. That would have come accross loud and clear. And everyone would have been wishing her well. She is well liked. But that's NOT what this thread is. It's a public display of discontent. And a big finger to JWN.

    And for what? AAWA

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    and LOL to that pope picture.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    - "that said, grand 'departure' posts on forum boards have always been more telling to me as an action, regardless of what is actually said in the 'goodbye'.

    Very true. And "Responses" are equally telling.

    - "The lesson (if there be one): Take responsbility for how you frame your OP. If there are good wishes, they will be heard clearly and appreciated. If there are judgements, they will be heard clearly and most likely not appreciated. Lady Lee deftly tried to blend good wishes and judgements. Little wonder she has elicited in roughly equal measure fond farewells and reciprocal criticism".

    Ok control freak.

    There's been about 6 negative responses to the majority of positives on these pages.

  • steve2

    Ok control freak.

    Well, mindblown, if taking responsibility for how a poster frames their OP is evidence of their being a "control freak" that derogatory term has undergone a radical re-definition. So be it.

  • Finally-Free

    As LL was a moderator, I think she should have notified Simon of her resignation before announcing it on the board. To me it looks a bit like a slap in the face. Simon deserves better than that.


  • free @ last
    free @ last

    I also initially thought it would be better for a moderator on a discussion board to hand in a resignation to the board owner privately and was surprised that LL choose to announce her departure the way she did but then I looked back at the thread she had locked at Cedards request and noticed that Simon apparently choose to correct her publicly rather than doing it more privately. Hopefully be now they've both had a chance to think over how they might have handelled things differently and perhaps in a way that would have shown each other and deference that they both deserved.

  • Simon

    Just to be clear so there are no misunderstandings on what happened ...

    Cedars posted a kind of 'wrap up' post to the original AAWA topic basically declaring it finished and the topic was locked shortly after. I didn't know why it had been locked and there was no reason that it needed to be locked. Therefore, I unlocked it with a comment to that effect. Normally, when something like that happens and there is any debate about the decision it's done in admin. Instead Lady Lee posted publicly that it was locked because Cedars had asked her to lock it, and then locked it again. That was when I made it clear more pointedly that the topic should not be locked and that Cedars was not a moderator of this site and the moderation should be done according to this sites rules, not at the bidding of the AAWA.


    Subsequently, and privately, I suggested that it would be better if she hold off moderating on AAWA related topics so there wouldn't be any conflict of interest or the appearance of it. This was so she wouldn't be put in a difficult position of them asking her to take actions on the site that obviously didn't fit with this site's rules. I didn't suggest she chould not post on AAWA topics if she chose to though.

    And I am surprised and disappointed in the nature of her resignation. I think it was probably orchestrated somewhat and the 'reasoning' is a little twisted and confusing IMO but it is what it is and we move on.

    JWN will thrive I'm sure. It's always been bigger than any individual moderator or any site owner, it's the sum of all the people on it who come together to make it what it is.

  • soft+gentle

    cedar's stated aim was to give a voice to the silent majority (on jwsurvey) - instead he seems to have found a vociferous minority and given them an even stronger voice. I'm not trying to judge him negatively but still trying to absorb how much power he wielded on JWN.

    edit: he did a lot of good work with Candace Conti but he became really possessive and would not allow any kind of discussion that in his small mind he considered would negatively impact his aim to publicise only postive things about it. Trouble is when an individual shuts down discussion that tries to look at different angles we are all impoverished.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Any questions about AAWA can be addressed to Lady Lee - or better still, you can email AAWA with your suggestions directly....Cedars (on the thread simon linked above)

    The only thing they want PRIVATE are questions about AAWA. Condemning JWN is a public affair for AAWA supporters.

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