My Final Goodbye

by Lady Lee 216 Replies latest forum announcements

  • yknot

    You will be deeply missed, heartfelt thanks for the many wise, patient, comforting and informative posts and pms you have shared with us.

    I am uncertain of what AAWA at this moment due to my own preoccupied dubbie-life demands but I am sure you will be of tremendous benefit.

    Sincerest huggles, love and well-wishes in your continued journey

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Lady Lee,

    I am speechless. You have done an excellent job of writing diplomaticly, because I can't read between the lines on this.

    If I take this as it is written, then I wish you well.

    The biggest compliment I can give you, is, you are loved and will be missed.


    LoisLane looking for Superman

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Dear Lady Lee,

    Thank you for all the emotional, mental and physical resources you kindly donated to help your fellow human beings who were lost at Sea, you threw a line to help bring us back. I have witnessed your personal growth as you tried with all your heart to provide everyone with help, help from abusive relationships, help from the abusive Organization and most of all, you helped those of us who were sexually abused, members like me who were victims by sociopath perps.

    There were unfair comments about you made as being a possible "mole", the majority of JWN users never had this insane thought cross their minds, you have a long history of good works and good deeds behind you and that made me pass by, such a crazy conspiracy idea but allowing it to die. The less comments the quicker it will die, sometimes we must not speak on topics to allow them to die a quick death. We all don't have time to address every comment or post made on JWN, being silent by the majority on a issue does not mean everyone was conspiring. Look at the total numbers of the JWN Community and divide that by the "page views" and discount the average JWNer involved with those post who might look 20-50 times and you will realize 90 percent of the community did not know about the big fight going on. Will you allow the 6-15% to change your mind about a forum and a position you held with great dignity and love? I wish you would reconsider and calculate the majority had nothing to do with any attacks against you or other innocents,now back to complimenting you and the massive amount of love you showed us all!

    You have been a anchor for the weak, a voice of reason to abused men and woman and I ask myself, how come you don't become a Psychologist or Professional Therapist? Lady Lee you have everything it takes to become the incredible therapist (Giant lioness Heart and deep compassion and tons of love!) many JWs are going to need over the next twenty years once they figure they were conned or duped by the Organization.

    Thank you for being a advocate of the weak and depressed souls by devoting your time and endless giving of your heart and soul. This forum won't be the same without you, you will be greatly missed big sister! We shared laughs and tears together trying to help our dear friends and new individuals joining JWN. May God the Father and Jesus Christ bless you in all your endeavours in life and work. It's a bummer to see you leave our Forum because you were so fair and helped keep a balance approach to all subjects.


  • blondie

    I can understand Lee not dealing with so many irons in the fire...12 years is a long time to have given real support and time to all of us here on JWN. Can you post your neglected website.


  • free @ last
    free @ last

    Re: My Final Goodbye

    Was that goodbye meant to be understood as 'I will no longer be moderating here' or 'I will no longer be posting here'?

  • bsmart

    Good luck dear "Lady Lee"

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Lady Lee, I'm sorry to see you go. I know you titled this thread "final", but I do hope when the dust settles you will pop in every now and again.

    Best wishes to you!!!


  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Many years of determend support you have given JWNand an awesome mod as well.

    Personally, I think you did the right thing staying mum re conflict of interest. I NEVER ONCE doubted your intentions and I figured the thread deletion was just an un intentional error which we all make....

    I hope you feel you can get support here outside of religion as a friend too. I remember you had wanted advice regarding purse design. Or if you need help with computer stuff, etc. There's plenty here who are willing to help

    Thank You Lady Lee

  • Angharad

    Thanks for all you have done Lee, really sorry to see you go. Don't forget you will always be welcome should you want to pop in and say hi sometime.

  • flipper

    LADY LEE- I respect the hard work you have done and continue doing as many of us also here are doing on JWN to expose the injustices of the WT Society. Whether we do that as individuals or in a group is irrelevant - just as long as we do expose the injustices wherever we are in order to help free people's minds and hearts to freedom of information and access to the same. I wish you good health and the best in your endeavors. Take care of yourself . A big Peace out to you from Mr. & Mrs. Flipper

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