Is There Other Sites Many Members Are Bailing To? M.I.A JWN People, where did they go?

by ÁrbolesdeArabia 49 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • blondie

    Leolaia could post here any time she wants. Like most of us, she has a life away from here. I always appreciate the perspective her posts bring here and look forward to when she posts again.

    Some take a break or post less like jgnat did for awhile.

    If you miss someone and don't have a direct e-mail/contact, try posting a pm.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Good Idea Blondie,

    Blondie there was a woman I was sure was a Muslim who never posted again after we had words (I did not think them harsh, I was trying to stand my ground with what the Truth of Islam taught regarding a woman's position) and she is no longer here. My hunch was she was a Muslim who like many others, would try to wooo me into their religion on "Pal-Talk" but I could not get the questions I wanted answered with truth and we played "Evade the historical facts" too often for me to take them seriously.

    We have the high powered Bible Scholars "Blondie, Leoleia, Marvin Shillmer, Lars58, Bobcat, Seraphim" and others I am not aquianted with. It's nice to see them drop by and say "Hello or Hola!"

    I like seeing Mr. Simon appear in the threads more, I never knew how gifted he was but it goes without saying I guess, anyone who can run a website like JWN and keep it at the top of it's peers in relavancy must be high intelligent. Simon has great writers like Blondie's (Watchtower Study), (Terry's good reads and commentaries of various subjects), Marvin's wonderful Blog and I wish Marvin would do more topics and really show the Community his real gifts of understanding the ancient languages and his second to none knowledge of the Hebrew and Christian Greek Scriptures.

    We have a great Community, good people and those who decided to leave with the others guys I hope them good!

  • 5go

    Or some people forget there passwords for 5 years and just finally remember it.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    5go, very plausible!

  • *lost*

    Maybe they just go so frustrated by not be able to engage in discussion without having all their thoughts and opinions ripped to shreds.

    There are posters here who don't even bother reading what the threaad is about, just wade in an more or less tell others what they should/shouldn't believe and pretty much tell them they are stupid or moronic if they don't. They don't offer anything to the discussion other than their forced views and opinions.

    So I guess some, have pretty much said F this crap all the time.

    I actually think there is a deliberate attempt to purposefully force those ones out.

    Almost like this site is being taken down from the inside.

    edit: Its as though, if you dont fit in because your not a hater /atheist/ angry bitter WT,JW,Jesus,God basher, you shouldn't be here. Is this place soley for the purpose of posting WT info and the subsequent bitching that goes with it ? a lot of lurkers are gonna come out of the woodwork and join - yeah right.

  • cofty
    Its as though, if you dont fit in because your not a hater /atheist/ angry bitter WT,JW,Jesus,God basher, you shouldn't be here.


    I hope you are not labeling all us atheists as angry or hateful.

    Its been a long time since I saw any of the sort of behaviour you are referring to.

  • *lost*

    cofty no. not specifics but a theme.

    are you familiar with the and or symbol ? it be this /

    what ? you want to have a debate on 1 sentence you have taken out of a statement of generalisation ?

    cherry picking ?

    the art of subtle methods.

    Do you feel or assume that you were labelled in that statement as being bitter. or as being angry ? if so why so.

  • 5go

    I vote for moving on I did then I started to lurk again and then I posted again. The y might do the same they might not.

  • Satanus

    I only ever saw leoliea treated well. There were some who attempted to challenge her. But, most always gave her adulation. She may have felt like she was presenting the same material, over and over. Many people have a view and will not change it, when faced w facts and solid, reasoned thinking. She does have a demanding job. It could be taking more of her time and effort. My 2 cents worth.


  • EdenOne

    I really appreciate reading Leolaia's posts, and her thorough historian-like approach to the material she comments on. Even if she is "before my time" here on JWN. Much of the "old" stuff I read it was because of her comments in it.


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