Problems with the "Bogus AWAA Fan Page"..

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  • fizzywiglet

    I'm not sure the question was so much about using a pseudonym in business, but whether it is legal to use one on official incorporation paperwork, which requires the full names and addresses of all corporate officers. And it doesn't seem like it would make sense for it to be legal to give a false name on this paperwork. These are the rules for incorporation in Arizona:

    Dunno, seems like for official government paperwork, they'd need to know all of the corporate officers' real names and addresses...know who to hold accountable if there were any issues.

  • slimboyfat


    Where are Cedars, jwfacts, AndersonsInfo, Lady Lee, the guy with the Mexican hat and whoever else?

    Just silence.

    What a shambles.

  • noni1974

    I got added to the AWAA Facebook group. I was not aware that I had been added until yesterday. I don't know who added me to it and if I find out I will delete them from my Facebook friends. My Facebook is MY Facebook and I will join the groups I want to, I will not allow myself to be added to some group I don't know anything about or care to know anything about. Shame on who ever did this. Shame on you.

  • tornapart

    I just recently found out that if someone changes a personal profile page into a 'fan' page then all the friends from his previous personal page will be automatically added as liking the new fan page.

    I think it's good for everyone to be aware of security loopholes in FB.... they seem to be all over the place!

  • soft+gentle

    Okay here's what i think - The guy with the Mexican hat (juan viejo) seems to be the most conservative radical on the board of aawa while at the other end we have cedars the most radical. I think I'd put danmera and bo Jensen quite close to cedars. Barbara Anderson and lady lee seem closer to cedars than juan so I think I'd put them both in the middle but left of centre along with Richard e Kelly. Can't place jwfacts yet, perhaps closer to Juan than the others? For me the board of aawa needs more people closer to juan.(edit:unless of course one or two board members act on their own and jeopardise the whole group).

    but I still expect the existing board of members to put things right - perhaps as others have said by deleting the existing Facebook group and starting afresh. This would send out a message that the board cares about confidentiality and is prepared to take radical action against itself when necessary.

  • slimboyfat

    Deleting a facebook page is hardly a radical gesture by any reasonable measure. We are talking about basic decency here. Silence.

  • soft+gentle

    The group have apologised. They made a huge mistake in the euphoria of the moment. I say keep the moment and its frenzy but take steps to mitigate and heal any harm

  • designs

    Wow, this is kinda like one of those new cars that rolls off the assembly line and instantly needs a major Recall. Hope it all gets worked out to everyone's satisfaction.

  • slimboyfat

    soft + gentle

    What good is an apology if they fail to take steps to reverse the harm? There are still people who are finding out they were added to the AAWA facebook page without their consent, who may face personal problems in their relationships as a result. Even if membership of the group is no longer visible on timelines, members who were added without their consent can still identify each other, which could still be creating problems. Quite apart from which, keeping over a thousand members who were added without their consent is dubious ethically, even if there were no potential harm. And yet people have been harmed, and may still be harmed, and they are doing nothing to stop it! What apart from pride and ego prevents AAWA from removing the page. They could start again if they wish, and use the secrecy setting to prevent people being added without their consent. And why are Cedars and the guy with the Mexican hat the only ones with anything to say at all? Don't the rest of the directors of this organisation have any responsibility? The silence is deafening. jwfacts seems like such a sensible chap as well! I am especially disappointed.

  • soft+gentle

    If the 1000 were added to the "secret then open then secret" facebook group then I would suggest deleting the group itself and starting again from scratch. This would garner a huge vote of confidence in the boardmembers generally. (Although I haven't and don't intend to join myself as the group is too radical overall for me)

    slimboyfat: amen re jwfacts. I have my doubts about Juan and cedars but am prepared to see this group heal and prosper because so many here agree with its mission.

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