Problems with the "Bogus AWAA Fan Page"..

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  • slimboyfat

    Well indeed, except they should have done it days ago.

  • headisspinning

    Reading through all of this reminds me of when a bunch of JWN vultures attacked Steven Unthank. I cannot begin to guess at what the motivations are behind this hatred and negativity but it is obvious this is not in a spirit of problem-solving or constructive criticism. In fact, seeing whats going on in here compared with the attitude and positivity on Facebook has indicated to me that there is a deep-rooted sickness festering on JWN. The clear message I am getting after reading through all of these accusations has had the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve - instead of coming away with big questions about AAWAs true intentions, I am actually more troubled over the intentions of their most vocal opponent... the people instigating this witch hunt right here on JWN.

  • soft+gentle

    Slimboyfat - There's still time IMO. Cedars get your sorry arse back on here

  • soft+gentle

    Headisspnning, it all depends on which group of mad vultures you belong to to see their pov

  • *lost*

    Whether or not the page was a group page or a fan page, or anyother page is irrelevent in my opinion.

    The whole debacle about the page/group farce is to me a joke, or a smokescreen, a diversionary tactic.

    I'm sorry, I'm not wanting to pile on anyway and give them a hard time, BUT, we are talking about PEOPLE'S LIVES here. AND we are talking about a business. THE TWO SELDOM MELD TOGETHER, for obvious reasons.

    You ever heard the saying 'IT'S NOT PERSONAL - IT'S JUST BUSINESS. - yeah, it's a saying that stinks, I have never liked it. Like it gives peeps free rain to trample over others. We see enough of that in the world.

    The mistake /mess/ REASON is NOT THE MAIN FOCUS HERE.

    It is how the matter has been handled - VERY POORLY I feel. In the real world THE BOSS IS RESPONSIBLE for his staff. Don't matter if they are volunteers or members.

    INTEGRITY, JUSTICE, TRUTH, HONESTY - if you have none of these when dealing with people you are FKD BEFORE YOU START.

    And your expecting people to put their lives in your hands !!! ARE YOU MAD. If you don't trust someone enough to look after your dog, your certainly not gonna ask them to look after your kids.

    I see all the scandals that are coming out in UK, and around the world. Cover ups, secrets, lies, manipulation, scheming. It's sickening. Then we see the boys at the top trying to wriggle out of responsibility, blame others. NO MORAL COMPASS.

    Just look at the Jimmy Saville debacle. And all of the child abuse cases etc with WT org.

    It looks like the damage has been done here, I can't see how it can recover. It crashed and burned before it even took of.

    EXPERTS !!! There are a lot of blanks that need filling in. And there needs to be JUSTICE for those that were wronged, not protection for the wrong-doer.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I was added to the Group without requesting I be added. Fortunately I have a separate profile for this reason.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Someone mentioned mission here. What mission is that? I see a club that someone put together. Recently I saw someone on Facebook advertising a need for media contacts for this group. No media contacts? So what exactly is this group going to do?

    I'm no fan of the WTBTS and I have to constantly hold back on comments to my fence sitting wife. But I've always been a bit taken aback by all the self appointed persons who are "going to take the WT down". I don't get it.

    In regards to witch hunts, Juan has already admitted the holes in their plan, although I'm guessing he was in the minority on this admission. Others seem to feel they are above reproach and silence is their answer for any concerns.

    I've probably posted one too many times on this subject, but I'm really annoyed at the whole deal as it just fuels the impression 'dubs have been fed of apostates. That apostates are trying to make a name for themselves. Or that apostates hide their identity because they only speak lies

    Honestly, a good alternative to this messwould be to bury the name and corporation and open up a new one with a fresh start and quite possibly, a plan. People here are more than willing to participate and help as long as they aren't getting marginalized. We all went through that already. That's why we are here.

  • zed is dead
    zed is dead

    AAWA is appealing the verdict; after all, they are not the Catholic Church.


  • tornapart

    I've got a group on FB, just a small group of friends who like the same singer. I started it as a closed group (group name and members can be seen) to secret group. Anyone within that group can add anyone they like. They press a button and hey presto! friends are added (without their permission) I thought it would send a request to them that they could either accept or reject but no, they were just automatically added. Fortunately for me everyone who was added was happy about it.

    AAWA is different. It's an acitivist group and membership (especially if it's open or closed) could cause untold damage. Even if it's secret now, the damage could already have been done.

    It didn't have to be only one person who added lots of people, anyone within the group could have done it.

    Please, anyone thinking of starting a group like this, be very very careful about who you add. You could be messing with people's lives!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    or why not pony up the few bucks to start a website where anonymity won't be an issue. Like this place

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