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  • thinking_ability

    JWFacts was my voice of reason in the craziness. When I doubted my own reasonings and mental health (my Mother said I must be either mentally unwell or demonized for thinking the way I was) JWFacts helped my to see that for the first time I was thinking clearly. I wasn't just being swayed by emotion, I was actually looking at things logically. I could then start to trust my own mind. Which has led to my (mental) FREEDOM!! Without sounding overly dramatic, it's changed my life.

    Many MANY Thanks

  • The Quiet One
  • jwfacts

    Thank you for your comments. There are some great ones.

    Please tell me you are backing this site up at more than one location.

    Yes, there are backups at several locations, so the information is safe.

    Rumor has it that the GB hit themselves in the head with a bullpen hammer every time Paul adds new info to his site.

    The facts are so overwhelming; the website is like a pneumatic nailer rapid firing into the "WT coffin".

    thinking_ability Thank you, that was such a heartfelt comment. I felt exactly the same. After years thinking I was going crazy I finally looked on the internet and found a site with some amazing articles that made me realise it was not me at all. Sadly, that site no longer exists, but I really wanted to be able to offer the same assistance. I have tried to address every question or issue I had, every fear, and every thought stopping concept.

  • notjustyet


    I meant to type a "Ballpeen" hammer, not a bullpen hammer.

    Not that it makes it any funnier,..lol

    Thanks again,..Jw,.. looking for your updated regarding 1918 etc,..

    Scummydross aka NJY

  • brainmelt

    Such a great site, I came across it a few months back when I started my quest for truth - particularly I was trying to find a scriptural basis for the 'paradise earth' and came across your article on the very subject which articulated all the concerns I had beautifully. The blood transfusion article and the Noahs flood article have also been more helpful to me than you could ever imagine. I am really greatful for this site, its made me realise that my concerns were real and well founded and that I'm not crazy or spiritually weak. Thanks JWfacts!

  • Fernando

    Yup a great site, many thanks Paul.

    In particular I really appreciated the section on rhetorical fallacies.

  • Borges

    Great site. Next to Alan Feuerbachers articles jwfacts opened my eyes completely regarding the WTS and the believe in which I was born, raised and stayed for four decades. I can hardly express all my gratitude for Pauls great work. Thank you very much!

  • The Quiet One
  • The Quiet One
  • yesidid

    Thank you Paul for your wonderful site.

    You have simply done everything right.

    For a start the name is brilliant. It promises the facts, and proceeds to supply them, in abundance.

    Neither the name or the tone are combative. One feels comfortable there.

    Actually your approach reminds me of Ray Franz. From me, that is about the best compliment you could get.


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