Moses and his God directed mass genocide.

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    You might wan tto check out who Kali was and what some of his followers did in the past. In the 1800s followers of Kali used to massacre thousands of locals and Europeans until the British wiped them out.

    When people start making up gods, they are often liars about other things, no good ever came out of that.

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    For a long time this had bothered me and I have always wanted to know the answers. As a christian I obviously follow Christ and he taught love, mercy. kindness, compassion and forgiveness. It didn't seem to add up but I would tell myself that God is also a God of justice. What if there are things that we have read into the scriptures that weren't there. Or misinterpreted what is said or not understood anything about the times the people lived in and what it was actually like.

    Anyway, I read these articles, extremely long but very imformative and made a lot of sense. Maybe those that have no love for God or don't believe he exists it will make no difference but for other christians and some who still believe there is a loving God then they are worth reading.

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    As a christian I obviously follow Christ and he taught love, mercy. kindness, compassion and forgiveness


    You might want to tally and check everything Jesus said before you make such statements. What passages are you basing these statements on ?

    How could Jesus be loving and kind , when he encourages slaves to shutup and take it and not once condemns their masters ? Was Jesus a Roman stooge ? And lets not forget his repeated lessons about paying tax ? Why is he so concerned about tax paying but again forgets slaves, women and pedphilia ?

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    MP, your are right, I meant to write shiva instead of the goddess Kali. I remember being in a dark and black Kali temple (kali has a thing for black and red) just after a sacrifice, blood and a goat head it was a little Erie. I dont think gandhi would of helped out in that. What I was alluding to was the hindu trinity, brahma, vishnu and SHIVA, and being a Brahmin priest, and if he worshiped in the brahmin way he Gandhi would have addressed his worship towards this trinity, along with other personal favorites.

    As far as behavior of zealots I dont think you have to go as far back to the 19th century. The hindu fundamentalists have quite a presence in modern day India. Plus the Kali worshippers if they did massacre the English and others, they were only doing it because their Goddess told them to. Just like Moses and Joshua and David were told to kill (cue rage against the machine...gotta to what they told ya....) In the name of their tribal god.

    Now we didn't hear the divine whisper that Moses heard, but convieniently it was written down for us for our instruction. And how was this example imitated? Judging by human history...kings, zealots and madmen did their utmost to copy their leader.

    Now look at the ones who tried to imitate Gandhi. He didn't use a tribal god to justify his actions he used love of life, freedom and principles of nonviolence. Of course he didn't have the benefit of grand promises like the resurrection in case he did want to start killing some pagan babies and old timers! It took 1930 years since Christ to get a Hindu to teach MLK jr., a Christian, how to deal his fellow man without resorting to violence.

    Gandhi sailed for days to get to london, the seat of power, to get them to quit India. Christ could have flown to Rome in his sandals and talked with Caeser. Did he? No. Results. 2000 years oppression of and by the Jews, muslims and Christians. Deaths countless. Gandhis results? 20-30 years if that and the British quit. Deathtoll?

    Im not knocking Big J he was after all just obeying orders from YHWH.

    So nonviolence or violence? Which is better for human beings? If you side with YHWH well it can get confusing! Wouldn't you agree?

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    readup on wiki about thuggees(sp).


    Christ could have flown to Rome in his sandals and talked with Caeser. Did he? No. Results.


    Jesus achieved exactly what he aimed for, the problem is most people are blind to see the foundation and results. He was a Roman stooge. Hes main message was to subdue the masses who were exploited by the elites or Romans. As i previously mentioned thats why his message is always compatible with the status quo. Taxes and obedience, the Romans could not have scripted a better message.

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