Friends are studying with the JW's

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  • Apognophos

    Yeah, don't go in there with talking points and charts of prophecies. As some others said, just listen and respond. Although, if you were going to talk about the failings of the Society's teachings, I would think the blood transfusion and former organ transplant teachings should be high on your list.

  • problemaddict

    Lou Belle,

    They may not understand the significance of some of those things being new converts. Get into old predictions, blood refusal and the changes around that that contradict, and most importantly, the enforcement of belief through shunning. Find what it is that is hard to "give up". Is it birthdays? Explain why that rule makes no sense. Ya dig?

  • Giordano

    That JW's are nothing more then refried Adventists.

    I also agree with those that mentioned shunning and broken familes. The two witness rule that leaves children unprotected. The blood doctrine which kills more people Every year then Jonestown.

    They need to check out for themselves especially the predictions about the end of the world.

  • Mum

    Be sure to inform them that they will be required not to speak to you. Having ex-JW's in their Spanish classes could be very awkward if they want to stay in "good" standing with the WTS and its henchmen. I don't know if there is a female among their number, but be sure to advise her/them of the status of women in the borg.

    Have them read The Orwellian World of Jehovahs' Witnesses to get an idea of what life in a cult really boils down to.



  • steve2

    Oh LouBelle this sounds both exciting and anxiety-provoking.

    Can you remember how the witnesses used to talk about being careful how much information "newly interested ones" were given about the organization and its doctrines for fear these "sheeplike ones" developed "spiritual indigestion"?

    I think there is more than a grain of truth in that, which ever side of the fence you're on. It is a good principle to keep in mind when thinking about sharing information on TTATT. The biggest barrier to helping people see TTAT is often Information Overload.

    One of the most respectful things we can do when we hear that friends or family are studying with the witnesses is slow ourselves down. If we can, first gently assess what it means to our friends or family to be studying with the witnesses. What are their view?s? What are their "needs"? What's important to them?

    If we prepare a spiel to deliver to them, and are not attuned to what is going on for them, we may simply confirm to them what the witnesses said would happen (e.g., "non-witnesses and especially ex-witnesses will do all they can to talk you out of studying with us, blah, blah, blah"). In psychological terms it's called "inoculation" - warning people that something will happen so that when it happens they use it as "proof" they were right - very clever.

    So, first determine where you friend is "at" with regards to the witnesses because even a well-researched flood of exposure-type information on the organization stands a high chance of causing him/her to mentally run for the nearest exit.

    In this regard, I must also say that, in my earlier years of doubting the Watchtower, I was especially wary of the pushy manner and crazy-like "zeal" of people in other religions who seemed to relish criticizing the witnesses - they were too full on and clearly had their own agenda: To convert me.

    A gentle respectful assessment to see where you friend is "at" and responding in terms of your assessment - perhaps the best way to go. Ulitmately, as cliched as it sounds, he or she must decide for themselves - and it is healthy and respectful to simply allow them to do so. Besides, the organization has a proven track record of newly interested ones coming in the front door and, after a longer or shorter period of time, exiting out the back door. Stay hopeful what ever the outcome of their interest in the organization!

  • Gayle

    I would ask then what specifically draws them to the religion? Maybe that will help with the startup conversation. Sometimes, best to start in simplified form initially. Do you have one of Steve Hassan's books about 'mind control' to lend them?

    Can you print out or attach the 'pamphlet' from for them to read for an all-around simplified 'fact sheet?'

  • Gayle

    Giordano, liked the "refried Adventists." haha

  • ABibleStudent

    "Hola Louise, I would like to talk to you about 2 things, about the JWs, as we are following this fatih, we find it interesting, we haven't been baptised yet, I want to make sure before making a mistake and the other thing that Allan and I wold like to talk about is starting your own business....."

    Hi LouBelle, Why would they think that they would be making a mistake, unless they already had doubts? That is an odd statement for someone joining a religion, but would be very natural if someone has deep-seated doubts about joining a dangerous cult.

    Like Gayle suggested follow Steve Hassan's methods by showing them that you care about them, ask them simple questions about how they feel, listen to them, and stay away from debating doctrines. The phamphlet from JWfacts would be good to have available encase they expressed doubts that the phamphlet would be able to explain. Another option would be to show them one of Steve Hassan's videos using a smartphone or tablet and a local wi-fi connection.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Dagney

    I forgot! One of the things that is important to everybody EXCEPT JW's, education and extracurricular school or sport activities. If these people are educated and have children, they need to know this is MORE than discouraged. They may not be expelled, but they and their children could be marked and shunned for participating in sports, music, theater...anything and everything that could interfere with "theocratic activities."

    That would be a deal breaker for most people in these modern times. If they are in disbelief, they should watch the youtubes out there with the GB going off on education.

  • NeverKnew

    I agree with Steve on the information overload. Put very succinctly, one once told me, "You can't give someone a drink of water with a firehose." I've been "witnessing" to a born-in for a year and a half. It's REALLY HARD.

    But, to answer your question and to validate a few responses above, the points that have had the most impact thus far include:

    • Candace Conti & pedophiles (I was able to show him one on Megan's list that went to his KH)
    • OH! The MISQUOTES! That's been a big one because I think it has shaken his trust in the information he's being provided. You MAY be able to say that you started researching some of the quoted sources and that you were shocked and saddened by what you found from a source that you trusted so dearly.
    • On 1914? I'd stay away from that one. If they're new, they may have been told that they can't and won't understand the deeper content until they understand other points. A woman I was speaking to said that the topic of 1914 was on page 215 of the WDTBRT book and that it took some people years of study to get to that level. I'm learning that the born-ins I've spoken to don't really understand the construct so they're definitely not going to be able to refute the challenge, or understand it for that matter.
    • The inability to access older publications bothers him as well. He's asking himself why people outside of the organization are able to access information about his organization that HE can't access.

    If I think of more, I'll let you know.

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