Why do Jw's have to pay for CO's expenses?

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  • Finkelstein

    The formula used for the financial support of the COs also leaves the impression that the WTS. does not have the means

    to support these people, of course the exact opposite is true.

    The COs are praised and enamored to be of high spirituality by the rest of the organization's members so paying for their needs

    comes in as an honorable necessity and responsibility.

  • Apognophos

    I don't really have a problem with a humble CO getting his expenses paid by each congregation as he passes through. And SophieG, perhaps even an expensive suit is a gift from a wealthy JW (they're rare, but they do exist). Of course, depending on the territory the CO is assigned to, it may be poor taste to actually wear such nice clothing, and he perhaps should have given it to someone else, but JWs are a little naive sometimes. I would never have noticed how nice their suit was, so perhaps they don't notice either.

    I only dislike the COs who lord it over others and who the cong. treats as kings among men. The way that the R&F hang on their every word makes me a bit nauseous when the CO is obviously using his position to push his personal foibles on others as if it's the word of God.

  • magotan

    On another note, I never understood why CO's drove Buicks, which are luxury cars. Chevrolet too good for them?

  • Rattigan350

    magotan said: "I never understood why CO's drove Buicks"

    That is because in the 90s, the Society had a deal with Circuit Leasing in Michigan and they provided Buicks at a low cost.

  • EmptyInside

    In this Circuit,the publishers also pay for their rent for an apartment. It used to be they stayed in a publisher's home. But,I think it is better that they stay at a place of their own.

    What happens when they leave the circuit work? If they are able,they have to get a job. But,if they are older,it's more difficult. So,I don't think it is always as easy as it seems to be.

    But,I feel they should be paid directly by the Society,(we're not supposed to use the term,"Society" anymore,who knows what they go by now).

    You ever notice when there is a natural disaster. And everyone wants to donate. They say donate directly to the worldwide work,and donations for the ones effected will be taken care of that way.

    Maybe it would be less of a burden,if CO expenses were handled that way too. I think a relative of mine,used to handle the account for the Circuit Overseer. Have to ask him again.

  • NewYork44M

    gave him a white envelope

    According to the Chinese culture a white envelope is given at funerals. Red envelopes are used for celebration. So, maybe there was a sublimial message in the cash transfer.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Do they really receive that much money in the form of cash from the friends? The reason I ask is that the only time I see envelopes and cards being given to the CO or his wife is on the day of the last talk, Sunday.

    There are always the "green handshakes" but a lot depends on the affluence of the Circuit or Congregation. We are in an affluent suburb of a metropolitan city and there are many middle-class families and a couple very wealthy families in our Congregation. I assure you the CO leaves here after his visit with at least several hundred bucks in "gifts". I'm sure that differs in a poorer rural Cong or even a poorer Circuit in some areas though typically they attempt to divide up every circuit so it has some affluent areas. For example, here the 7 or 8 circuits are "pie-shaped" so that they all have some Metro congregations with middle class families, but some rural Congs too.

    COs are usually on the Gravy Train financially.


  • Gustv Cintrn
    Gustv Cintrn

    The clear and correct answer to that question is: Because these people are the paid clergy of our religion.

    No surprise. Every religion or group has these individuals; it is necessary as these men keep us all in line with the Org's purpose.

    Any CO that has left his post for whatever reason, has done a great disservice to himself. Where else will anyone find a better gig than that?! All expenses paid, new vehicle every 3 yrs, health insurance, plus plenty of cash courtesy of our faithful men worshipers.


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