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  • freemindfade

    I think I figured out what their cash out strategy is...

    When enough money isn't coming in any more, they are gonna proclaim the work is done from their standpoint, then walk away with whats in the bank

  • brandnew
  • brandnew

    @freemindfade......i think your onto something.......

    That totally sounds like something they would do. Then all printing would stop, no need for kh's......then the sell out! ! !

  • Finkelstein

    Nice pleasing theory but for now the WTS has never been as rich as it is now.

    Be assured though that the boys on top are going to try and keep this gig going as long as they can and when you think about isn't that every senior male who moves into the position of a GB member endeavor.

    This recent video is an example of the drive to extend the operation of the organization until their life span is through.

    When these guys are gone, there's assuringly more replacements on hand, particularity when its realized how many elderly JW males there are who dont have much of a retirement fund to support themselves on.

  • Finkelstein

    The GB are going to milk this cash cow for as long as they can.

    Sorry folks but the WTS isn't going away any time soon, there's simply too much money there and so many men who dont have anything else to live off . The WTS succeeded in lying in the past and they have people there who know how to do it again.

  • freemindfade
    His video's remind me of something from my childhood...

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Frankly, I've just never understood why god, supposedly the creator of all things constantly needs to beg money from humans. What would we call a rich man that takes an elderly woman's egg money with the empty promise that he'll pay her back "very soon now"?

    Instead of all their talk about how much they need money for "projects", why don't they let the real numbers do the talking? Why not open the books for everyone to audit? If they are so careful with "Jehovah's money", why do they insist on audits and reports for every penny on the local level, yet up in the GB executive suite hundreds of millions of dollars come and go with no audits or reports to the rank and file? It's all a recipe for corruption.

  • hoser
    I was suspicious, but now I can confirm it. Lett is a retard.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    This was an Infomercial for the WTBTS and as usual there is no verifiable proof of any thing they said. All of the explanations of what they are doing with the money and the "experiences" meant to tug at your heart strings, have more holes in them than Sponge Bob. No data, no graphs, charts or numbers....only anecodtes told by those still under the spell of the Watchtower Corporation. In one of the "experiences" about a newly baptized family man who quit his job as a cook rather than work Sunday and attend a meeting at another Hall, they actually said that Jehovah listens more readily to the prayers of those who have the status of being "newly baptized". He was encouraged to leave his job because of this and it took him 6 months to find another but he Pioneered on whle drawing unemployment benefits, until another job turned up. Most people would have either gone to a Sunday meeting later in the day or would have secured a job before leaving the one they had.

    As far as Bro. Lett, I'm trying to imagine the spokesman for Amazon or Apple speaking to stockholders or prospective customers in such a childish and exaggerated manner or offering such feeble examples of what they are doing and why they should continue to be supported.

  • stuckinarut2

    Can someone please post the original watchtower magazine which had the quote from CT Russell about:

    My paraphrase is:

    "We will never solicit or beg for money. When the Lord stops providing we will know that is blessing is not on us"

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