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  • Virran

    There's something wrong with this guy. His whole body language is weird, like he's a five year old kid wanting to jump in place because he's so exited about something (in adults eyes) trivial. I almost thought he was gonna really start jumping up and down.

    i just couldn't watch for more than a few minutes. He makes me angry inside and I just want to throw my iPad out the window. :(

    on the positive side, idiotic broadcasting with weirdos like this will be their downfall probably sooner than later. I think that's why God have helped them set this JW TV up, so he can expose the false prophets.

  • freemindfade
    I hate to be this lazy, does anyone have the time points where they are begging for money, or possibly quotes?
  • Finkelstein

    The real disturbing part is millions of people over decades and decades have given this corrupt religious publishing house tons of money and property, created by lies, deception and misinformation in the form of unregulated fear mongering charlatanism .

    The past leaders have all died and now new men are in the position to set up new posturing lies, illusions, coercion and exploitations.

  • kairos

    I offered to watch this with my wife. She doesn't want to.

    I told her this is now considered an integral part of "your worship" and the GB WANT you to watch.
    ( That comment was not thought through on my part... )

    No pinky ring in sight... I guess "they" do read our comments.

  • ToesUp

    Pretty much the entire broadcast is asking for money (giving of your valuable things) and giving volunteer time. It's funny...when we needed assistance (not money, just simple love and encouragement would have been nice) during a difficult time, all we got was "trust in Jehovah." Seems like the tables have turned. Why don't they "trust in Jehovah?" After all they are his earthly representatives. Shouldn't he help them out? Things that make you go...Hmmm!

    I love the hooky song at the end, reminds me of the Mormons.

    All take and no give in this cult. How are they different that Christendom? Always begging for your money.

    Hey everyone (even you lurkers).....Vote with your wallets!!!

  • _Morpheus
    So many of the rank and file lap this shineola up simply because he has the lable "gb member". Countless times i have called him a rubber faced buffon or just expressed how weird his overacting is and i get positively dirty looks from otherwise smart people... They dont want to see he isnt wearing any clothes.
  • Oubliette

    Morpheus: They dont want to see he isnt wearing any clothes.

    Thanks God THAT isn't literally true!!!



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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    FREEMINDFADE - the first 30 minutes is all about donating, and why it's needed.


    "In 130 years this organization has never solicited funds, and it's not going to start now."


    "All congregations who had their mortgage cancelled were then asked to pay only what they could afford."

    LIE! We've seen the 3 secret pages of the Org's letter which stated that such congregations had to continue paying the same amount or more - as a "donation"!

    "In the coming fiscal year, it has been calculated that the money coming in will be less than the money being paid out..."

    True, please let it be true!!!!!

  • kairos

    The out-right lies begin at around 9:00.

    This is amazing. Just think about the BOE letter that directs the congs to continue paying the KH loans that were forgiven. ( link needed, please )

    10:20ish and beyond:

    "Often a member of the GB will be heard saying: In spending "Jehovah's money", we have to be more careful than we are in spending our own money- and that is truly how we feel about the matter".

    Gee, I wonder why? It is YOUR money! Charlatans!!

    I can't watch any more right now...

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