So Your Husband Is Thinking of Becoming A Jehovah's Witness

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  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    I want to share with you, things your husband can demand from you, because, well he is the man and you are not.

    I don't know if you have read about JW's sex lives and what is allowed and isn't.

    No oral for anybody. No masturbation for anybody. No sex toys.

    No R rated movies. Absolutely no porn for anybody (even his private stashes).

    Modest dress for women, even in the home.

    You must be obedient to your husband and as the Rules stand right now, if he beats you, it is your fault, you ticked him off. It is expected that a good JW wife will take this abuse and shut up about it. A bad wife will call the Police or call the Elder body and complain. This is considered a humiliation for the man. The Elders will side with your husband against you.

    If your husband is a pedophile, he's in luck (luck/lucky … also a bad word that you cannot say anymore), for if the Elders become aware of this tendency for children, they will help your husband cover it up, and demand you keep silent.

    Your husband makes ALL the decisions.

    If he doesn't like your hair, make-up, speech, clothes, shoes or choice of friends, (no worldly friends allowed...even on your Facebook page) reading material, (No romance novels allowed). Selective TV watching.

    If you go to a party, you are only allowed to dance with your own husband.

    Talking with other men, even in a social setting, is frowned upon.

    No off-colored jokes.

    No swearing.

    No cheating on taxes.

    If he does not want you wearing pants in public, you have to mind him.

    If he doesn't like your hair a certain way, you have to mind him.

    If he thinks having a pet, will cut into your time, best spent in Jehovah's service, you cannot have a pet.

    If you have a JW girlfriend and he doesn't like her, you have to give her up.

    If he doesn't like going to restaurants, you do not go.

    If he does not like dancing, you never dance again until he drops dead then you can dance on his _____, you get my idea. lol

    Car, two door or two person cars are frowned on. Going out for drinks is frowned on. Going to any sporting events is frowned on.

    Men. Facial hair - no. ( for men & women no) lol.

    Vacation. He can ask where you might want to go, but his rights are utmost, so his choice of vacation, when and where are final or if you are even allowed to go on vacation.

    Las Vegas. No gambling. No risque shows. No over drinking.

    No Horse Races. No betting

    No Lotterys .

    Your job. If he does not like you working, you have to quit.

    If he allows you to work, you have to get a job that fits into the meeting schedule and if the Employer does not give you time off for the DC, you have to quit.

    Just Lois

  • smiddy

    Shit , Im glad I`m a man ! LOL


  • carla

    All of that only holds true if the wife is also a jw. not being a jw NONE of it holds for me, a ubm. Though if you want to go to some of the venues you mentioned or see an R movie for example you may have to go by yourself. Other rules they break when it suits them, like many other high control groups I imagine.

    If a jw mentions Old Testament rules you tell them, being a Christian you are under a new covenant. If they attempt to use anything in the New Testament you tell them, that is for Christians and you don't consider jw's Christian therefore it doesn't apply to them either. They are left with the rags and their god the gb.

    I do agree with your list though. I think jw men would like their own version of the Tailaban if they could manage it.

  • joyfulfader

    Those rules are all good in jw theory. that is the ideal marriage. fortunately i am waaaay too headstrong to be in that type of relationship. even when i was in, most of those things were impossible and i would not put up with it. i was in an abusive relationship and the first time he attacked me and threw me against the wall and grabbed my neck, i called my parents from the locked bathroom. they told me NEVER call the police. my own parents!!! well that is one time i followed the rules and didnt call. the next time i did call the police. i am proud to be a strong woman. i plan on staying that way.

    Many of the men i knew in the kh were not assertive though. sometimes giving in behind closed doors is easier to have a happy wife/life.

    i know of one couple where those rules are probably posted on their fridge and the ceiling above their bed for reference at all times. they are intolerable. the husband is sure i am from the devil because i wont take his crap. fortunately i havent had to endure their company for over a year.

    but in theory, male jw's would like those rules to be written in stone.

  • hoser

    Not in my family. It takes a lot of work to be a controlling abusive husband, and I'm just plain too lazy. My wife does as she pleases and she is pretty darn good at it. She has her own job, picked out a car,financed and paid for it, owns investments all without me. I really don't give a s@#t what she does with her time/money as long as I get l%&ed on saturday night and there is food in the fridge.

    If I don't allow my wife the freedom to allow her talents and abilities to shine, I must carry more or all of the load of running the family.


    BTW the circuit overseer told me once if I could control my wife I'd make an elder in no time. lol

    it shows their mentality

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I was lucky that Just Ron never bought into that mindset. Even when we thought the WTS was the ultimate truth, he never acted like that.

  • Pickler

    If I couldn't hear snoring coming from upstairs I'd be certain that hoser = my husband!

    lois, you make me so glad I didn't marry in TT.

  • gma-tired2

    good thing my husband never reached out for ms or elder he married a srong woman I make decisions and sometimes let him help and he seemed to just accepted me. MIght have been the mixture of a JW mom (now I have begin to doubt how much she agreeed with) and a redneck father but who was pussy cat with his kids and grandkds. I have come to appreciate even more loving kind men such and my dad and hhubby.

  • jgnat

    Doesn't work if the wife is not a JW. She can tell him to stuff it. He then has a decision to make...

  • perfect1

    LOL hoser.

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