Am I the only "witness here besides the admins?

by TheOnlyRealWittnessHere 78 Replies latest jw friends

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher


    We are still viewed by every Witness who knows us (me and my wife!) as fellow Witnesses.

    Sadly, they haven't woken up to the truth regarding who they should be witnesses for! Read all of these Christian scriptures in our RNWT, then rip them out and convince your "perceptive powers" (Heb. 5:14) that Mr. Rutherford's use of one single Hebrew verse justifies the elimination of all those commands to Christians.

    It's a worrying fact that every potential/serving Witness has to reject the God-given name of 'Christian' (Acts 11:26) in favour of Rutherford's un-scriptural designation.

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    I"M still Active.

    Keep reading these posts, I estimate about half that use this forum are still in.

  • Syme

    Of course you're not the only active witness in here. Lots are, even if "under the radar".

    Hate speech is not good, whichever side it is coming from.

    On the other hand, exchange of information without censorship and fear of Inquisition is what we do here, and what can't be done in a KH.

  • CloseTheDoor

    I'm an active Witness. Still in because of lots of family members and certain other obligations (my job for one).

    Born in the Organization during the "Rutherford era". An "old timer" just going through the motions.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    @TheOnlyRealWitnessHere - you may have a point. There aren't many true belivers on this forum.

    But figure it this way: Simon, an ex-JW, allows you to join his forum. He allows you to become a member and communicate with others. He allows you to voice your beliefs and opinions, even if they differ from his. Contrast this forum with the Watchtower Society - big difference. Is that why you're here, I wonder?

  • Finkelstein

    Good point


    Try going to as JW discussion forum and pose a contradictory opinion on doctrines and see how quickly you will be kicked out and baned.
  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who
    I am active, appointed as a ministerial servant, just turned down an elder appointment a few months ago.
  • GoneAwol

    Come on A Watcher. I would love your opinion. Did god give the gb permission to sign their own personal names on "his" bible? (W 99 5/15)

    Is giving gifts to public officials being no part of the world? Is this the right example to show the flock? Are they hypocrites?

    Lets have an open discussion. Dont just post and run. Feel free to be yourself. ( Remember you have "free will")


  • Giordano
    I haven't missed a meeting in 49 years.....can anyone say that?
  • prologos
    I have been going to meetings a long time, but do not miss them at all any more.

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