Am I the only "witness here besides the admins?

by TheOnlyRealWittnessHere 78 Replies latest jw friends

  • blondie
    blondie divine providence Jesus followers were knonw as Christians...It always amazed me that people of the
    Watchtower would identify themselves as jws rather than Christians.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    TheOnlyRealWittnessHere, "With all the negativity here I was wondering if I am the only one here that's a witness."

    I think that there are others. I believe that SimonSays is one.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Hello TheOnlyRealWitnessHere,

    I have visited this site a full 8 years before finally deciding to leave the JW. To be honnest, when me and my wife took our decision, it had nothing to do with this site or any apostate site for the matter. It all had to do with how I wanted to raise my kids.

    The fact that you are here demonstrate that you are not fully in line with the Watchtower. That is fine. And should it not have been for my kids, I would have been happy with living in silence, trying to change things from the inside. however, when you have kids, that is not really an option. What would happen if they repeated something I thought that was not in line with the teachings?

    Anyways, all this to say that you can explore this site and others and you may very well, like me, stay happy in the congregation for many years. In the end, it is not this site, or anyone else that makes decisions for you. It is you and you alone.

    One more thing: The reason I love this site is that contrary to what many would think, it is not rampant with false information. From time to time, someone will share false information and generally, within the same day, they are exposed on this very forum. So, in short, people on this board try to be factual and truthful, no matter how we like that fact or truth.

  • GrreatTeacher
    I think the thread is mistitled. I believe that " Here's an Inflammatory Post and Then I'll Downvote Everybody Who Responds" would be more appropriate.
    @outlaw did you reall just ask that...TheOnlyRealWittnessHere
    "EVIDENTLY" .....I did..
    The Difference between me and the WBT$ is..
    I Actually provide Evidence............LOL!!..
  • Simon

    Yeah, I'm a witness - I just missed meetings for the last 15 years, LOL

  • _Morpheus
    Im a witness. Unfortunatly i will be at the hall tomorrow. Why do you ask?
    Yeah, I'm a witness - I just missed meetings for the last 15 years, LOL....Simon

  • truthseeker100
    Morpheus you poor bastard, you will be at the hall tomorrow while I'll be eating a real brunch with real food. I hope you enjoy the rich Sunday spiritual feast provided for you by the FDS.
  • Finkelstein

    I'm a professed witness to " The Truth " thats why I'm not a JWS

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