Hot of the Press!!! YEARBOOK 2013 :Letter from the Governing Body

by raymond frantz 51 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Roberta804

    Good Lord..... I am so use to hearing, "Jesus loves you" since I left, that to hear "The GB loves you" sticks out like a turd in a pan of milk.

  • thecrushed

    How satisfying it is to do something because we want to do it instead of being forced to do it ! Jehovah invites us to do what is good out of love.

    Wait a damn minute!!??? That is exactly what you are doing. You are holding millions of family's hostage by telling them that if you leave then you die a horrible bloody death at Armegedden and if that isn't enough the rest of your family must shun you till this happens. This is just fear and manipulation in style of hostage takers in a bank robbery.

  • Bella15

    Omg! Seriously. They end the letter with "WE love you all very much". . . So personal....Now they will not only take the place of Jesus, but little by little that of the Heavenly and see. AND yes, where is Jesus, the head of the Christian whom The Father has appointed over Everything in heavens and earth?

  • thecrushed

    If they have to write an annual letter saying "nobody is forcing you to do anything, you are totally doing all of this of your own free will" then clearly they are forcing you to do things. It's like a waitress bringing your plate to the table and the first thing she says (with a smile) is that nobody spit in your food. Then why are you even bringing it up?? If you have to specifically state "The elders we put in charge aren't trying to control you, they are just 'helping' you do god's will" then they are in fact controlling you. Otherwise it wouldn't even be an issue for discussion. This reads like cult propaganda. - JonathonH


  • Bella15

    Okay, I went back and read all the posts so far, all of you expressed my thoughts ...really!

  • BizzyBee

    Out of love for Jehovah ,last year you brothers ,sisters,and young people spent 1,748,697,447 hours proclaiming the good news. Prompted by love,7,782,346 shared in the field ministry worldwide.

    This is what its all about. Love Jehovah by knocking on doors.

    How this touches our heart!

    They share one anonymous, collective, singular heart? Kind of like a..........God?

  • Pterist

    So, why was I shunned for doubting 607-1914 ? Actions speaker louder than WORDS !

  • wasblind

    You must be mistaken PTerist

    accordin' to the July 2009 Awake Jehovah's Witnesses condem

    religions that force folks to choose between thier families and religion LOL

    You know good and well you lyin' on the WTS, that's Perscecution


  • Larsinger58

    JOY: My only comment about this pathetic letter is that i am so glad i am not counted in any of those numbers.

    AMEN! Ain't that the truth. The JOY of being out!! As the scriptures ay, "THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!"

    Freedom of choice is being able to leave. But we know some don't know how; they are too emotionally attached!

  • cog_survivor

    Yikes! I read this letter as incredibly manipulative. Its bad enough that the GB controls by fear but now they add the requirement that you love them for it. So anytime some poor follower feels less than loving towards God as portrayed by them, he's going to get a nice extra of mental torment of thinking he isn't motivated by love to serve the GBs dictates.

    It makes me think of the abuser who says, "If you love me, you would want to.... (you can pick what ever abuse you like. I'm thinking, "work yourself into the ground", "be grateful for the pain I'm inflicting because I'm saving you from some future horror....)"

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