What's in your handbag?

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  • usualusername

    Hi People

    In all my life I have only looked in a womans handbag once. It was close to looking at the Arc of the covenant. Since then I have vowed never to do it again.

    Would you mind fulfilling a fantasy of mine and telling me whats in your handbag?


  • mrsjones5

    My hubby has to be under extreme duress to go into my handbag. If he needs something out of there he'll bring the bag to me so I can find it.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    3 wallets (one for credit cards, one for ID cards and one for change), 2 sets of keys , 2 pens, bus pass, 2 see through palstic bags (one for kleenex, tic tacs, hearing aid and batteries, comb, MP3 player, cough drops, meds and chapstick and the other had an agenda, book for notes I might need to make, handicapped parking permit, stand for my e-reader) and an address book.

    I have recently discovered the joy of not having to hunt around in the bottom of my bag for what I want. The see through pouches are great. And if the bag tips over I don't have everything rolling off in all directions.

    Because I use a wheelchair when I go out I am very fussy about my purse. What I want is hard to find so I have started making my own purses and they will have the clear zippered pouches that I can snap into place on the inside of the purse.

    What I don't have is the kitchen sink.

  • besunny

    my wallet,some makeup,a hairbrush a lot of receipts and some loose change and thats about it

  • SophieG

    UNN…Should we be worried about this fantasy? LOL!

    Hmm…Let’s see:

    One wallet which doubles as a mini purse. I can chuck the big purse in the trunk and just carry this if I want to go out somewhere.

    My psychedelic make-up bag

    A mini purse for personal/ mini toiletries and girly stuff

    My (ever present) journal



    …all crammed in a Guccisima! LOL!

    I learned to put things in little carry alls and wallets. I think my purse is pretty organized, it’s not too big because then I would be adding shoes to the list J

  • Hortensia

    wallet, nail file, pen, checkbook (completely unused - who writes checks anymore?), kleenex, little bottle of the alcohol gel stuff for cleaning my hands, mints, spare glasses

    I think that's it -- if it's urgent I can actually go and look in my purse.

  • wasblind

    Everything except the kitchen sink

    when I don't take my purse, I tuck what I need up in my " girls "

    And that includes: keys , kleenex , change purse, lip balm, cell phone

    ID and snacks


  • gma-tired2

    junk, wallet, receipts, keys, and occasionally money

  • AnnOMaly

    Money, credit cards, months of old receipts, out-of-date coupons, a couple of stamps, mints with lint, keys, phone, kleenex, wipes, pen and pencil, small dog-eared notebook, lipstick, mirror, solid perfume, nail file, comb, diary, fluff, bits ...

  • Roberta804

    A hard wallet to block rfid, half used kleenex, a perscription bottle with one pain pill and one anti-anxiety pill, Wisps toothbrushes, small bottle of mouthwash, fuzzy socks (I always take off my shoes), hair brush, a month's worth of receipts, junk mail and maybe a good novel.

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