Two Witnesses stuck in a elevator or car without Chaperon. Would they fornicate? Yes/No

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  • jam

    You folks are scaring me. My wife stay at the home of her daughter

    and son-in- law doing the week. Because of the type of the jobs

    they have, it,s easier for her to stay the week,(baby sit) and come home

    on the weekends. Sometimes when I,am there, my son-law walks

    around in his drawers, LOL, my daughter-in-law the same.

    Now you folks got me thinking, my son-in law and my wife jumping

    bones. The mind of JW,s, sick.

  • Quarterback

    Well I would have to say that some are real Horndogs, and some can behave like a responsible adult when they are alone with a member of the oposite sex. I have always worked alone and gone on working trips with members of the opposite sex. The idea of having sex with such ones has never come to mind. I'm speaking of over 25 yrs experience.

  • OneDayillBeFree

    Haha what a crazy thread!

    I personally believed the whole "if you're alone with someone of the opposite sex you'll start having sex almost immediately" thing until I got to prove it false when I was waking up.

    I dated a girl for half a year (we were friends who used to hang out alone for a little over a year before dating) and we never had sex at all! We kissed several times and fooled around a bit sure, but never anything passed 2nd base!

    We even used to joke about it how if we were really the way the GB say we were supposed to be we would've done it by now. Oh and she wasn't even baptized yet when we started hanging out!

    Stupid Jdubbies!


  • Finally-Free

    I heard of 4 sisters who pioneered right after high school, never married, and lived together as pioneer partners for the next 20 years. They didn't want to get married until after the great tribadism tribulation.


  • skeeter1

    Whatever happens in the elevator, even in nothing, they will have to get married afterwards.

  • perfect1


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