Two Witnesses stuck in a elevator or car without Chaperon. Would they fornicate? Yes/No

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  • LisaRose

    Is that a Watchtower in your pants, or are you just happy to go in my car group?

  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet

    I was a chaperone for my 75-year-old mother!

    When my 85-year-old dad took ill suddenly and landed in the hospital some years back, a dub from overseas came to stay for a few days at my dub mom and dad's house. He apparently couldn't change his itinerary at the last minute. I was staying with my then 75-year-old mom to help her with cooking, cleaning, driving, etc.

    The foreign dub (also in his 70s) showed up; I made dinner for the 3 of us and told my mom I had to go home for a day to catch up on a few things there. She begged, literally begged, me to stay overnight. The reason? It wouldn't be "proper" for 2 unrelated dubs of the opposite sex to spend the night in the same house by themselves.

    I laughed out loud and said, "Surely, anyone who knows you knows you would never do anything like that!" She said the situation would make her look guilty to other dubs at the KH. I just smiled, shook my head, and stayed over to calm her nerves, which were truly shaken by the merest hint that other dubs would think her a loose woman.

    Dubs have sex on the brain all the time. They make the Victorians look like party-hearty sluts.

  • Quarterback

    I've heard that elevator sex is great....why would you put yourself in that temptation?

  • jam

    Return of Parakeet: "Dubs have sex on the brain all the time".

    My son told me, when he was a teenager that,s all the the young

    brothers thought about ( no different from any other worldlly teenager)

    but in his case he said, we talked about sex in the meetings more so

    then in school classes. He said he learn more about sex at the meetings

    then he did in school.

  • Gojira_101

    LisaRose I love your comment!!!!!!

    You know how badly JW's have raging hormones...anythings possible, you twitch your nose because of an itch and you get your bones jumped.

    I do have a story to tell. I'll try to make it short. So my husband and I decided he would move to my town and he would stay with my parents and I until we got married. It was only 3 weeks til the wedding and I was still busy working with almost a 3 hour a day commute to work and home, then on the weekends still trying to do service, know the good JW trying to to get ready for a wedding in 3 weeks. The elder who was going to marry us threw a fit and said it wouldn't be proper for him to stay with us...we of course would get into trouble (Now looking back, I guess we could have, but my mom is an incredible light sleeper, plus sleeping with 3 big dogs in their room that start barking as soon as you even go to the bathroom. Plus a friend staying with us while she looked for an apt, who is a light sleeper and is right next to my room. Also I was so dang tired from everything I didn't have the energy to do anything). So this elder forces my future husband to stay with him which it really made thing hard on us because it was extra gas money and leaving my parents down to one car. Doofus Elder! Now the interesting part.

    My husband and I lived with my parents for a short time after we were married, my parents had a JW friends staying with us (same person I mentioned above) because she had just moved to the area and she was trying to find an apt. Well Mr Elder Doofus started coming over almost immedately "courting" my parents friend. First he would just come over to "visit" then he asked if the friend wanted to go out to dinner and then things got more serious. The elder Doofus would come pick up the friend, they wouldn't get home til 11pm or sometimes not til 2am (remember me saying my mom is a light sleeper and the 3 big dogs that would bark at anything?) When they would get back they would just be sitting in his car and the windows would fog up and would be that way for a long time....Are they talking????Or something else????

    So after elder doofus and friend became engaged after 1 month of dating, elder doofus is 60's and friend is 40's, they start riding alone together to the meetings. This did not go over good with the BOE and they told elder Doofus that they can't be riding alone together because they would get into trouble. Elder Doofus then is complaining to my parents about how stupid the whole chaperone thing is.

    I was upset because my future husband and I could not ever be alone together before we were married, we didn't want to do anything before we were married, but we just wanted to be alone. And now this Doofus elder is complaining because of how stupid the chaperone arrangment is when he's sitting in a parked car with fogged up windows for several hours and being totally ALONE with friend on multiple occasions, parking on what would be an alternitive for "lovers lane" and he is complaining! After the Hell and embaressment (some things withheld to protect my id) he put us through and he isn't even following this own elder rules and say it doesn't apply to people his age (he actually said that!)

    So just from elder Doofus example, if you are alone in a car, I guess you can't control your raging hormones, even when you're in 60's or 40's.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Sweetie, you forgot to mention how your future in-laws freaked out when you were bringing him home and the two of you would be flying home alone, across country, in airports & on the airplane sitting together!!!!

  • prologos

    las argentinas, sd7 ----ruse to get the other party alone??--- sometime it was not a ruse. In our pioneer group were several early model VW beetle owners. knowing they were going out for the night, the gas cocks (levers) that served the gas reserves, (as in an a motorcycle gas feed) were turned down on them, as a prank, resulting in them getting stuck at the most conveniant places with their " escort" at night. (with no more gas to reach a filling petrol station).

    Some of the young pioneers were so handsom, hormone - inducing (in the worldy neighbor ladies) that they would come with pale and sponge and wash the pioneer's cars. beetle mania.

  • stillajwexelder

    let us say they do fornicate and then the elevator cable snaps

    Gives a whole new meaning to "going down

  • prologos

    from another topic: how come Adam and Eve had no children (copulate) while perfect, naked?

    They had no elevator.

  • ItsMyLife

    I do have a true and recent story along these lines:

    An elder and his wife had their daughter and her husband live with them for a few weeks, whilst the young couple were waiting to move into their new house.

    During this time, the elder and his daughter arranged to go and visit family for a weekend. The elder's wife was unable to go as she had recently had a major operation and couldn't move about very much.

    To avoid any scandal or impression of impropriety, the son-in-law of this elder and his wife actually went to stay with his own mother, in another part of the country, whilst his wife and her father were away. Because, obviously, if he had stayed alone in the house with his much older, movement-restricted-and-in-lots-of-pain mother-in-law, people would assume that they were going to be at it like rabbits and they couldn't possibly give people that impression.

    I seriously didn't know whether to laugh or be horrified at the ridiculousness of this. I think I did both!

    May whatever you believe and trust in make you strong xx

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