"Witness Patients Often Do Better" - Erm......

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run


    Very well reasoned and written. Thank you for the info. Reading the thread i noticed a big difference between blood policy, in general, and an actual young girl dying b/c of it.

    I don't know why certain religions focus on minute scriptures that are contrary to the outlook of the rest of the scirptures. Homsoexuality is one such topic. We are told that God created life. Jesus told us to live fully. When the consequence of a particular interpretation are so dire, why not go with the one that the enitre Bible supports.

    Does any other group rejected blood on these scriptural grounds? I am curious.

  • jhine

    If following the "blood rules" in the bible is so important that people are expected to die for want of a transfusion then why do Witnesses eat non kosher meat ( meat with blood still in it ) . The original rules refered only to the eating of meat with the blood still in it because the blood of the animal was what took away sin . I know that in the NT some non Jewish believers were told to stick to this rule so as not to offend the Jewish brothers (and sisters ) . As far as I am aware it was not a blanket ban for all believers but a means by which to keep peace between believers in a certain location . If , however Witnesses feel the need to keep this rule in modern times should they not look at the original meaning and refrain from eating any meat with blood in it as per the OT instructions ?Why is it so important for the GB to push the extention of this rule pertaining to blood transfusions to the detriment of the original meaning which concerned animal sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins . Does it strike anyone as ironic that now the Watchtower seems to favour human sacrifice instead of animal sacrifice ?

  • snare&racket

    To be fair, that isnt blood you see coming out of juicy piece of steak it is really mostly plasma, but you are right it has some red cells in it, there is a good chance it has everything forbidden by WT.


    You can't use reason or logic with a dictator, they have no logic behing accepting fractions from a blood donation, flip=flopping on organ transplants, coagulants, goodness knows what they would do to a JW for giving blood nowadays been as they make use of other peoples donations so readily....

    Logic and reason is a deep and dark void in WT that never gets visited, it's just "do as we say or hit the highway!" which is itself not in the bible !!!!

    So what hope does one have of attempting any debate?

    Inform your families, present this very simple information that they can get from any medical website/health service/ biology textbook/ medical textbook.... and let them see for themselves, let them make informed decisions.

    Snare xxx

  • Finkelstein

    "Witness Patients Often Do Better"

    Nothing but biased bullshit lying , they never mentioned all the JWS who died because their medical condition demanded it.

    Of course there are certain situations depending on what was the medical problem, that no BT or certain blood fractions accomplished

    something worthy in improvement to the individual.

    I can remember not that long ago where an elderly husband and wife (JWS) were in a severe traffic accident, where both suffered massive blood

    loss and trauma, they were taken to a hospital emergency ward, where it was obvious that they both needed BTs due to their injuries.

    They declined and both died shorly there after.

    Thats the " Truth"

  • Refriedtruth
  • Refriedtruth

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    My comment on above elderly car crash no blood JW couple died 10 years ago on TV the TLC network I still have the taped video in my library collection

    They perished directly from no blood.There was a scene on TV where the JW son was reading from the NWT on camera prasing those who trust in Jehovah

    Obnoxious and blasphemous

  • Refriedtruth

    Television drama just up


    'Grey's Anatomy' Season 9 Episode 13 Sneak Peeks: Right Versus .

    Gather.com - by Meredith Jacobs - 1 hour ago Their patient is a Jehovah's Witness, and they can't give him blood. And when they speak to his parents, they can't change their minds. "Living

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