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  • jam

    Hummmm, one day the number of partakers will reach

    144000, then what.

  • heathen

    the WTBTS claims the greek rendering says it's not everyday , I think it replaces the jewish passover so once a year makes sense to me , he was the passover sacrificial lamb ,symbolically.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Well, if the Wt says so, I must believe it. The WT has never been known to be wrong. Indeed, isn't life on paradise earth, established in 1800 something so much better. If they are a theocracy, pls. God take me at Armageddon.

  • heathen

    They've been right on occasion ,it doesn't make sense to do something like that everyday, I come from a long line of catholics but I disagree on the taking mass once a week even , I also agree with them on it's only for the elect to partake . There's more to it then they let on tho , the whole thing is a death pact so anyone believing they will survive armageddon can't be part of it .

  • GLTirebiter
    It feels to me like a rejection of Christ himself.

    Yes, it is. Furthermore, it is a rejection of God's grace: freely offered, stubbornly refused.

  • AGuest
    the whole thing is a death pact so anyone believing they will survive armageddon can't be part of it .

    Can you expound on that, dear Heathen (peace to you!)?

    Thank you!

    A doulos of Christ,


  • heathen

    there are plenty of scripture to support it , haven't spent a whole lot of time reading the bible lately , you do have jesus telling the apostles the world will hate you as it hated me and he flat out tells them they will put to death like sheep to the slaughter , In revelation you have the souls that were killed for the preaching of jesus crying out for revenge and GOD telling them to continue rest from their labors since when the last of their brothers is killed by the axe then the four winds of destruction are set loose . That's for starters

  • free2beme

    Bite the bread, chug the wine!

  • WTWizard

    They might commemorate an event that supposedly happened some 2,000 years ago and was designed to bring mankind back to being joke-hova's slaves. Honoring that is a complete waste of time.

    I shall be honoring another event that happened another 4,000 years prior to that--if anything in the LIE-ble can be believed at all. It goes back to a time when we as a human race were enslaved to joke-hova and lived miserable lives until we were slaughtered, stagnation and all. One fine day, a snake shows up and leads mankind away from this enslavement. This is when Father Satan did an act of love that is beyond what joke-hova ever could. Satan got us to examine our situation and gave us the tools to empower ourselves so we didn't have to live as animals with joke-hova being the master. Now, joke-hova was a sore loser and could not bear mankind living free and happy, so joke-hova cursed us and made sure poor Satan would receive blasphemy in exchange for His love for us all.

    Instead of rejecting Astaroth, I shall be honoring Her as best I can this year. I have decorations in pretty spring colors ready to start going up directly upon completion of the hall Christmas decorations (and dirt behind them) coming down. (And that isn't long.) I have baskets that have Easter eggs, chicks, and ducks in pretty Easter colors. I have egg-shaped paper lanterns that can be placed up high. I have a tree with silk leaves that are white with pastel tips, under which I can display a true Nativity scene complete with baby chicks, rabbits, and eggs scattered on Easter grass. Rabbits, eggs, spring flowers, and chicks (all stuffed or resin, of course) placed in key locations on the floor, railings, or walls. Pastel tinsel garland (yes, I found some) for the walls along with garlands and wreaths of eggs glued onto grapevine, flowers, and leaves are going up. I am hoping Astaroth appreciates it this year.

    Yes, I intend to reject Jesus. But at least I will do it honestly, not wasting the time going to the REJECT Astaroth Party and pretending to honor Jesus, rejecting him anyway. And I will not be supporting this diabolical plot to get humankind to reject Astaroth by handing out wastes of paper, either. The whole festival is a complete blasphemy of Astaroth, as well as our REAL Savior Satan. And, short of getting physically forced to attend or a legal "breach of contract" situation where my joke-hova dedication starts being legally enforced as a contract, I will not be going to this slap in Satan's face event. I slapped Satan (and Astaroth) in the face too many times as is, and enough is enough.

  • BluesBrother

    Is it because I am out and attend under duress, or is Memorial night something of an anti-climax these days?

    When we were young, the evening was special and there was an air of excitement. The speaker delivered it with an air of reverence mixed with style. Today it is just another meeting, to me and the family dubs that I go with.

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