Proof that Bible is a Hoax

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  • Monsieur


    If the Bible is really a very intricate hoax, what is the objective?

    I've read some theories that it has been used to succesfully make a 'business' of religion.

    Is this really it? to make money?

    Its an incredilous idea, however, money DOES make the world go round, and above all things man is willing to risk life to preserve or accumulate more of it (jobs, wars, fraud, gambling, etc...)

    If it is all a hoax, why can't people see this clearly? (I myself have difficulty seeing it as just a hoax).

  • bohm

    Very few people think the bible is a hoax, and I havent seen any real evidence supporting that it is a hoax.

  • ProdigalSon

    The only reason that the Bible is the dominant religious book in the West is because it was enforced and proliferated by those who controlled the money supply. Before the printing press, it was expensive to make copies. When wars were won, the victors claimed that it was because "God" favored them. The truth is that they won because they had bigger cannons.

    Putting a book that lies through its teeth while blaspheming the Creative Principle in order to instill fear in the masses through mind control propaganda in the category of "hoax" just doesn't do it justice. It is black magic right down to its core, thanks mostly to Ezra, who learned his tricks while exiled in Babylon.

    It is a book of plagiarized allegories compiled and designed to keep the masses from ever attaining Gnosis, while at the same time teaching the initiates just about everything they need to know to stay in control of the goyim they have enslaved for millennia.

  • cantleave

    Define Hoax?

    The bible itself is just a collection of books consisting of allegorical tales, handed down and exagerated stories of historical people, some who could perform illusions or had weird dreams. That doesn't make it a Hoax. The issue is, people use it to their own ends often to the detriment of others.

  • jgnat

    Not a hoax. It is simply more and less than what people say that it is. It is a collection of ancient texts collected over a long time. It was edited. Books were selected and discarded. There's lots of creative editing, since ancient editors were not as concerned about provenance as we are today. Book of Matthew was not written by Matthew, it was attributed to him. Moses did not write the first books of the bible.

    I've been working on this chart. The bible was not the first book written, and as you can see it was created in bits. The first parts, the Torah, and not what we know today, were written about 1400. Other parts came later.

    SumerianKesh Temple HymnCode of UrkaginaEnheduanna's HymnsCurse of Agade, Debate between Bird and Fish, Lament for Ur, EnmerkarCode of Lipit-IshtarEridu Genesis
    AkkadianLegend of EtanaLaws of Eshnunna, Epic of GilgameshKultepe, Enuma Elis, Atra-Hasis, Code of Hammurabi, Mari LettersWestcar PapyrusIpuwer PapyrusPoor Man of Nippur, Military Oath, Dynasty of DunnumMarriage of Nergal and Ereshkigal, Autobiography of Kurigalzu, Amarna LettersEpic of Gilgamesh, Tukulti-Ninurta Epic, Tale of Two BrothersSakikku, Diagnosis OmensEpic of Erra
    EgyptianPyramid Texts, Palermo, Maxims of PtahhotepCoffin TextsStory of SinuheBook of the DeadGreat Hymn to the AtenPapyrus of AniStory of Wenamun
    Hittite Anitta textCode of the Nesilim
    Sanskrit Rigveda RV 1 and RV 10, Yajurveda, AtharvavedaBrahmanas Sutra, UpanishadsEpicsPanchatantra
    Hebrew TorahJahwist PortionsEloshist Portions, Nahum, Hosea, Amos, IsaiahRest of the TorahJob, WisdomEcclesiastes
    Babylonian Babylonian Theodicy
    Chinese Classic of Poetry, of Changes, of DocumentsSun Tzu, The Art of WarSpring and Autumn Annals, Confucius, Classic of Rites, Commentaries of ZuoLaozi, Zhuangzi, Mencius
    Greek Trojan War, Iliad, OdysseyHesios, Archiolchus, Alcman, Semonides of Amorgos, Solon, Mimnermus, StesichorusSappho, Ibycus, Alcaeus of Mylitene, AesopPindar, Herodotus, Thucydides, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Eruipides, ArisophanesZenopho, Aristotle, Plato, Euclid, Menander, TheophrastusAppolonius, Callimachus, Manetho, Theocritus
    Avestan YashtAvesta
    Etruscan Liber Linteus Zagrabiensis
    Tamil Sangan, Tolkappiyam
  • gone for good
    gone for good

    jgnat -

    You never fail to amaze!

    What is the significance of the blocks of colours, (I can't make out all the text - old eyes)

  • Monsieur

    by hoax, i meant, is it all made up?

  • jgnat

    GFG, this is not my best chart. Each horizontal color represents a culture/language's ancient texts. The numbers at the top are the years heading up to zero. The oldest texts are Sumerian, up to Etruscan with Hebrew somewhere in the middle. Hebrew books were created at different times. The first chapter of Genesis for instance, is younger than later chapters.

  • jgnat

    Monsier, myth, mystery, and knowlege had fuzzy edges for the ancients. It's all in there, mixed in together. IMO.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Any "hoax" would have to be clearly defined.

    In it's early stages, the Bible seemed to be written to control and command Israelites. The Book of Deuteronomy commands the masses to write down the words of God, to read it and treasure it in their hearts, and to post the written word on the entrance to their homes.

    People were giving extraordinary authority to oral tradition that the writings had to overcome. The priestly aristocracy controlled the temple library and the sacred texts. The priests of the second temple were literate and contended with the Pharisees who had oral tradition. The priests decided to establish one type of authority that couldn't be broken into different beliefs by regions or by local priests.

    The start of the Bible as a book for the Israelites really was during and after their exile in Babylon. The region was sparsely populated and things were tough. The Bible brought people together under one (granted- bogus) history. It united Palestinians who really were not of "ten tribes" with the other two tribes. The king took advantage of these sacred texts to rule.

    One fascinating thing to me- Other than a few priests, there was never any large group, let alone a nation, that actually lived under THE LAW of the Bible. They weren't ever following such a complicated set of rules as a way of life. But that made the priests necessary to receive sacrifices from people who wouldn't live under such a law. (Think of Catholics that go to confession and fill their envelopes, but don't really live by Catholicism.)

    The eventual destruction of the Temple in 70AD brought back oral tradition when rabbinic Judaism was born. But they kept the writings. The groups that became Christians were quicker to stick with the writings and add more writings.

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