Proof that Bible is a Hoax

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    Band on the Run

    The NYT had an article about archaeology in Israel. When the state was established, the antrhopologists descended with their Bibles as a primary source. Perhaps fueld by the Holocaust, they wanted to find proof. They found it. Later anthropoligsts, Israeli ones, are very embarassed by the work of the first generation. Little proof has surfaced. The one find I found utterly fascinating was that YHWH was a minor household with a goddess wife, Ashera (). Little sculptures of both are found all over Israel in the many thousands. Some even date to the Biblical period. The crux of the NYT article was that the scientists now view the Bible as any book. They believe that it was commissioned to justify an Israelite nation-state when one developed. It may explain why so far no finds have identified King David or King Solomon.

    Society views the Bible as holy. The Bible. One book. It wasn't even canonized until much later. I was shocked when I found out that Jesus only had a smattering of scriptures available to him.

    I understand how it can seem to be a hoax. The writing styles and agendas are so different throughout the Bible. You can pick up the voices of the individual writers. Also, it is so contradictory. A decent hoax would be more consistent. There are two different accounts of the creation of humans within a few short chapters. If we would view the Bible as we view the Vedic literature or any other culture's sacred writings, we could understand much better.

    Some scholar mentioned how tiny and insignificant Israel was on the world stage. How strange that a bunch of European peope would adopt it as their sacred text.

    The chart is very good, IMO.

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    You might enjoy these, not hoaxes:

  • MsD

    The bible is no hoax. It's people who try to spin it their own way and conform it to their own beliefs/doctrines.

  • jgnat

    Here's a manuscript that is an elaborate hoax; the Voynich Manuscript. More about the manuscript.

  • Lore
    by hoax, i meant, is it all made up?

    Well that wouldn't neccesarily allow us to define it as a 'hoax'.

    Star Wars is all made up. But it's not a hoax.

    And I don't know of anyone who claims the ENTIRE bible is 'made up'. It is a collection of books.

    Some of those books contain mixes of truth and fiction. Like some of the early christian writings.

    And others are made up entirely. Like Jonah or Genesis for example.

    Even the ones that are entirely fictional probably were not just 'made up' by some joker. But the stories were passed on to children, changed a lot, passed on some more, then written about, changed again, edited by religious leaders, translated, destroyed, recovered, blanks filled in etc.

    The fact it's not true doesn't make it a hoax, it just makes it wrong. It would only be a hoax if the people writing it and translating it actually knew it was false and were only using it to control people.

  • Zordino

    Marking for Later

  • WTWizard

    It is a corruption of ancient religions. They took bits and pieces of information that people actually used to enhance their spiritual condition, corrupted them on purpose to prevent it from doing any good, and then forced people to believe the literal interpretation of it. Anyone with half a brain and an open mind should be able to see who is the villain by reading the first 3 chapters of Genesis--who needed a death threat to keep mankind in line? I believe that we were intended, by joke-hova, to be slaves and to be destroyed when that thing was through with us. Sterile, miserable, non-fulfilling lives is what joke-hova wants us to endure. And Satan came along to save us from that, giving us the chance to rise beyond that.

    And even though the LIE-ble gives Isra-hell a fake history, the fake history gives one a pretty good idea of what that people is like. They whine about being persecuted, and use that ancient persecution as an excuse to treat everyone else that way now (which I am seeing going on in the Middle East to this very day). Ultimately, they are provided with escape by their joke-hova, and ordered in the name of joke-hova to evict peaceful Canaanites from their land by slaughtering them or forcing them to abandon their beliefs [so we can't have access to it for reference today]. War is constant among Isra-hell and the surrounding nations, who had been living peacefully until those parasites showed up. And that's the history they are giving themselves with their own LIE-ble!

    Not to mention the theme of enslavement. Joke-hova wanted us to be used up and thrown away. Satan reached out and gave us a chance to become God-like, and now joke-hova is using its people to take that away from us again. The whole LIE-ble was written to legitimize the whole process, create an atmosphere of fear (usually hell or death threats from joke-hova) to keep us in line for that enslavement, and to encourage people to be poor and defenseless. The LIE-ble regulates sex, yet it contains information designed to use fear to stifle science (and tyranny to enforce that fear). You strip the original sin hoax from the LIE-ble, you are left with the blueprint of communism. You will not see your average Christian church revealing this secret.

    If anything, the LIE-ble is better at revealing just what kind of people [parasites] joke-hova's "chosen people" actually are than in providing you a guideline on living your own life. Read it, without bias, and you should come out with a negative impression about both joke-hova and its chosen people--that is, unless the psychic power found within the LIE-ble causes you to think otherwise. Yes, joke-hova is the villain. Yes, Satan is the Savior that gave us the chance to avoid this damnation. Yes, joke-hova is a tyrant and will create a group of people to force us right back to where Satan our Savior led us away from. Once you read it and fully understand it without bias, hoax or no hoax, you should be moved to hate joke-hova and to thank Satan for trying to lead the human race into salvation.

  • Qcmbr

    Bibles write themselves. One story gets shared at a campfire amongst not very skeptical people (normally children and credulous adults ) and they adopt this story as true and give it sacred place in their culture ( sacred is another way of saying 'don't question or doubt' ) Another similar story gets shared and so on. Storytellers have different motivations, some are hoaxers seeking a bit of glory, some are political manipulators seeking power, some are social manipulators seeking to unify or objectify certain groups, some are subject to perception failures and poor memory and some are mentally ill. As long as the story resonates and produces an emotional response it is given much greater weight by the person who is affected. Rousing stories of war become scripture to warlike Vikings, Hebrews and Persians, vengeful stories of floods and supernatural murder are beloved by small insecure and endangered societies like Ancient Israel, medieval Europe etc., myths about fabulous rewards and divine sexy time appeal to poor patriarchal societies like Hindus and ancient Arabs, stories about eternal families and animals acting like humans gets matriarchal societies and groups on board like the women's instutute and so on.

    This is the pattern for all religious writing , this is how the Book of Mormon, Dianetics, Genesis, Bhagvad Gita, The Shepherd of Hermas, Koran, Little Red Book, Epic of Gilgamesh, Beouwulf, Book of the Dead, Vol Popli and so on get written, accepted, believed and made sacred.

  • slimboyfat

    Jgnat, very interesting table, and blows away the idea of the Bible's uniqueness.

    Also very interesting that you mention the Voynich manuscript! I sold a book about that for £50 the other day, which prompted my interest in the subject. If it is a hoax then it is some hoax!

    The so-called Gospel of Jesus' Wife is another very recent hoax.

  • ProdigalSon

    It would only be a hoax if the people writing it and translating it actually knew it was false and were only using it to control people.

    If that's the definition of "hoax", then the Bible is most certainly a hoax. The OT was written by Kabbalists, who absolutely knew what they were doing. Westcott & Hort surely had an agenda. You don't get an Elite education at Cambridge and come out being an idiot that believes in magical trees and talking snakes..

    Maybe if they were alive today they would be shocked that a supposedly advanced civilization like ours would still be reading allegories literally. Almost any Rabbi worth his weight in Matzoh Balls would tell you that.

    Funny thing is, every Jew and every Christian knows that there are tens of thousands of interpretations for the Bible, and every one of them thinks they're right. Well if you want to understand English, you go to someone who understands English. If you want to know Swahili, you go to someone who understands Swahili. If you want to know Kabbalah, go to a Kabbalist.

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