Proof that Bible is a Hoax

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  • cptkirk

    prodigalson: you are obviously intelligent. i find your castigating of "talking snakes" and "magic trees" interesting though, because you seem to be into this gnostic spiritual knowledge, which isn't really far from that is it? I'm not trying to sh%t on you, i'm just interested to know how that balances out with you. on the one hand the castigating, but on the other hand yet again erecting a new spiritual magic?

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    Religion is a hoax; the bible is just a literary vehicle for that hoax.

    Kinda like corn syrup; it has a natural origin but is a completely man made from of food, so it itself isn't a hoax. The hoax comes in the form of the "religion" of the FDA saying it's safe and good.

  • ProdigalSon

    cptkirk: I think maybe you should look into Gnosticism a little bit further. Gnosticism is not spiritual magic. It is not belief in fairy tales. It is not a belief at all. Gnostics reject faith. We believe God can only be found in knowledge, science and philosophy. It's the realization that you have all knowledge inside you and you can't find God outside of yourself. After all, no one ever has. Pythagoras came pretty close when he discovered God in mathematics and music, but those are things that are not apart from you at all.

    As above, so below. Even if you can't access it yet, the first step in waking up is the knowledge we are asleep. Psychics and remote viewers are living proof that we have this ability, and autistics are living proof that we have the capability to be walking supercomputers. All the knowledge of the universe is built into our DNA.

    Jesus said we were Gods, and he said we would outdo him someday.

    I believe know it.

  • cptkirk

    I've had plenty of psychic events in my life. when i was 7 i saw a local lottery number in my head and told my mother to play it, she played it and won. i've seen many things before they happen. i've engaged in telepathy with another person and so on. in my experience no matter what you tell yourself, you can't master these powers for your own purposes, they are always driven by an exterior force, and that is why i do not pursue this. if i could master them for my own purposes i surely would :P . i know practitioners ....i had a gnostic casting spells on me before, very interesting, i didn't ask him, but he was apparently eager to have sex with me...that however was not gonna happen. so not to say that they can't be used for your own purposes, but i do not believe that they can be "mastered" for your own purposes. i'm not much of a team player i guess.

  • jgnat

    It wasn't always considered bad form to use religion to control people. Ceasar was ruler and god, and demanded to be worshipped. The consequences of refusing was dire.

    These days of course, it is not acceptable.

  • Finkelstein

    If the Bible is really a very intricate hoax, what is the objective?

    What it is its a series of stories told by the ancient Hebrews who were endeavored to create a semblance of power and relevance toward their god

    (YAHWEH) as well as to his supposed son JC.

    Other ancient civilizations told stories concerning their god or god(s) as well, perhaps not so much through scribed texts but through pictographs

    art work and sculptures.

    Gods in ancient times were a needed and perhaps necessary answer to much of the unknowns at that time of human history.

    The bible should be taken and accepted as a reference of human social behavioral expression.

  • cptkirk
  • JustHuman14

    Since I love reading, then I came up with some notes I wrote few years back regarding some disturbing facts in the Old Testament. I combined this notes with some archeological facts of the Mesopotamian region and the Hebrew nation. The outcome was the following:

    1. Noah's Flood was just a replica of an older Sumerian myth the Epic of Gilgamesh. In fact there is no scientific evidence that such event ever took place.
    2. The contradictions found in the Old Testament, which are many and one example is the "story" of Cain and Abel. Why God likes animal sacrifices instead of fruits and vegetables? If Cain was cursed to hang around in the land, then how come did he build a city? And how many people it takes to build a city? Why would a God of love who hates human sacrifices demands from Abraham to sacrifice his only son? How come Lot had sex with his own daughters? How come few years after the flood human kind got multiplied so much that they decided to build a city?
    3. There is not single archeological evidence either from the Egyptian writings or any other ancient civilization that the Israelites stayed prisoners in Egypt for 400 years and the most ridiculous part is that 70 people in just 400 years managed to become a mighty nation of 3 millions!!! The only reference we had is of Ahomose an Egyptian King that sends out from Egypt a group of thieves, smugglers and bandits called Hyksos because they created much trouble to the Egyptian Empire. So maybe this is the only reference we got for the Israelites and their "great exodus". So being humiliated they created the myth of their Exodus, even they use the name of the Egyptian King Ahomose with a slight change and they present it as their savior - Moses!!! Most of the cities that they occupied have been long before desolated, and the strangest is that how come 3 million people hang around in the desert for 40 years without any archeological evidence.
    4. Most of all is the misogynist attitude of the nomad writers of the Old Testament. Women are treated like a low form of life, a belonging and not a human creature. If you rape a virgin then you have to pay to her father a certain amount of money and then you can marry her!!! If a woman doesn't scream in a rape attempt she is guilty of prostitution and she must stone to death!!! So women are just a trade item for those Semitic nomads. Not to mention the supposed genocides that Israelites did by the commands of Jah, the killing of innocent babies because they were males, but they spare the life of female virgins in some cases. Is this God of love? Or how come a God of love forbids anyone who is handicap to enter the Temple, because He considers that they will defile Him by entering? The questions are so many that you can write a book regarding Old Testament absurdness.

    Then there also some issues in the New Testament: How come in the Early Christian Church, along with the traditional Gospels that circulate at that time, we had some other Gospels like the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, the Gospel Of Judas, the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Joseph, just to name a few, and those Gospels are rejected by the Church Fathers!!! For instance the Gospel of Magdalene shows that she was equal amongst the rest of the disciples and there was turmoil between them and her, since Jesus gave a special role in the Church, something that they couldn't accept: A woman with Priesthood position...

    Again there is a huge difference from the God of Wrath and Jealousy in the Old Testament (you will not worship other God, and if you dare I'll kill you), and with the teachings of Jesus. Jesus preached the universal law of Love, he preached about forgiveness, caring the sick and the old, but most of all that Love conquers all things. He was associated with all those that considered by the Mosaic Law as worth of killing them, prostitutes, tax collectors, Gentiles. It seems that Jesus came from another world and not from the angry God of the Hebrews. Perhaps he was just a person that came to bring a different message to mankind, but no matter what, I still keep his message.

    In this journey I'm convinced that, life on this planet came through an evolution process. This is a fact, but still I cannot accept that we are just a coincidence. It is just like having a scrap yard with scattered parts of computer hard disks, hard drives, screens, wires, mother boards, power supply, software programs, and suddenly a tornado passes by and a super computer is being created...I do believe in a Creator of this universe, but I don't believe that any religion on this planet can claim that they represent this Creator. I feel that religion instead of bringing people together it divides them, creating more trouble. The point is the major 3 religions of this word, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, their foundation is based upon FAIRY TALES from some old misogynist nomads invented, in order to keep people suppressed. Religion instead of freeing people it enslaves them. Unfortunately no one has the courage to look deep and examine the roots of those 3 religions that cause and causing so much harm in this world. It is matter of personal choice to examine if your religion is best upon facts or is just a myth, once this is done then the real awaking takes process. Instead of spending our time fighting and debating with each other who is wrong or who is right, we could use that afford to create a better world of understanding.

    I guess John Lennon was so right when he said:

    Imagine there's no heaven
    It's easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky

    Imagine there's no countries
    It isn't hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too

  • Finkelstein

    Sadly people today 3000 years latter on, presume the bible as historical fact and reality, not even accepting human ignorance ever existed

    or this was a probable cause for the apperance of most of the Gods of the ancient world.

    Another problem for bible believers is that there has now been discovered ancient civilizations that existed more that a thousand years

    prior to when the tribal inhabitants occupied the land of Judea by the ancient Hebrews.

    So where was Yahweh then ? ...... OOPS

  • RandomNoise

    cptkirk... my granny told me that when i was a baby i was put in a trough on top of an afternoons' worth of grape harvest in ?cart? which was being pulled by a yellow cow with another behind cow behind doing the same... cars passed by and the cow was startled, i fell from about 3 meters high and was ran over by the cow behind me and the ?cart? being pulled by it... luckily, when i fell the trough fell over me protecting me from being run over literally but i still fell from 3 meters... according to granny i wasnt crying and didnt suffer and bodily harm, 28 years later im a little stuborn but i think my brain didnt suffer anything as well...


    what am i getting at you may ask?...were you dropped as a child or fall down the stairs cause im sure im not the only one that has no shadow of a doubt that telepathy, phychic events, and all derivatives are ?carts? full of s#i+... im just saying, dont go to a psycholgist/psy chiatrist and start saying things like that, you might not be allowed to leave.

    anyways, on the topic at hand, The Bible, if it where published today for the first time, im pretty sure it be NY Times best seller... im my opinion, at best its a mediocre romance.


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