Swine Flu shots and Narcolepsy

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  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Justita Themis, the problem seems to be with a very particular adjuvant vaccine that was used in Europe. No such correlation was found in the US. The culprit seems to be this particular brand of vaccine, not all vaccines.

    I am aware of that, and I do not think that particular point has been fleshed out. I was trying (unsuccessfully) to post while in class, and I was unable to address that in my prior post.

    The vaccine generating the most problems is H1N1 containing the AS03 adjuvant. South Korea used the H1N1 with the MF59 adjuvant and had no cases.

    Nevertheless, not receiving a vaccine does not guarantee that one will not develop narcolepsy sequela to contracting the swine through via normal channels.

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