What Status are you? Ex JW, Inactive, elder, MS...etc

by enigma1863 66 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Londo111

    Technically inactive.

    However, I got baptized in another church and attend there. So if that were ever found out, it would be automatic disassociation no mater what my wishes on the matter were.

  • bigmac

    not been in any way connected to the watchtower for over 30 years now

    but--in recent years--became an EX JW---i really feel the love. joined this madhouse. might even donate a very little money if asked. even bought a car with XJW number plate--love it.

    no need to believe in gahd--whoever she is. no barble in the house--just the internet.

    aint gonna die at armageddon--ive cancelled it. no other worries any more.

  • Magwitch

    4th Generation on both sides Regular pioneered for one decade Spent the next decade wondering how to excape with least amount of damage Finally just left religion, husband, home, town and all friends Took daughters with me and never looked back DF'ed for 6 years I love my life so much. Do not know if it is because it was so awful for so many years or if I am one of the lucky ones that just has a damn sweet life :)

  • enigma1863

    Wow thanks for all the responses. I switched congregations then stopped going. Ive been out for several years now. I was surprized how little the jws checked up on me.

  • Wolfy

    I'm an ex MS and RP. I have sucessfully faded and have no wish to ever step foot in a Kingdom Hall again. Used to post here years ago and stopped for a long time. I have recently started reading posts again and have been visiting the site on a regular basis to read up on the latest news in JW land.

  • Borges

    In 2011 my circumstances allowed me to become an auxillary apostate. The joy I've experienced in this lifesaving work moved me to make the necessary changes to become an regular apostate. I took this step last year and the blessings I've received since then are overwhelming.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    I am between this life and the next one.

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