What Status are you? Ex JW, Inactive, elder, MS...etc

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  • nugget

    I think I'm disfellowshiped. I chucked their letter and wouldn't speak to them so I am assuming that is what they did. It has been a real relief quite frankly.

  • jgnat

    Jnat, you were never a JW? Only the mate of one? And this site interests you even so? - Bob MC

    Think about it. I get more daily exposure than many of you. As a strategist, it is in my best interest to "know my enemy". Besides, the board offers intellectual stimulation and unfettered voice (within the confines of civility, of course). This is the only place I allow free reign to my full vocabulary, and you guys don't seem to mind.

  • d

    I think I might be disassociated.I am not too sure

  • ruderedhead
  • shamus100

    Jimmy cracked corn

  • Woody22

    DF'd 1980 the only good thing i ever got from them.

  • leaving_quietly

    Active, ex-elder. Am still researching a lot of topics objectively. WT is right (or at least in agreement with) scholars on SOME subjects. But there's a large amount that I no longer believe.

  • Indian Larry
    Indian Larry

    I was a MS giving public talks. When I found out about he UN/NGO stuff I stepped down. Then became irregular, then had a whole issue with the BOE (long story). Short version is they are basically afraid of me now. They were wrong about something and I called them on it. They know it. So basically they leave me alone and I don't get too vocal in my opionions. My family is all still "in" but some have changed halls. I go to MAYBE 4 meetings a year just keep everybody talking to me.

  • Justnowout


  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Inactive. I had an elder call me about 6 months ago and I told him I no longer believed in god. I told him that neither god nor Jesus or any elder has any authority over me unless I give it. Havn't heard from them since.

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