What Status are you? Ex JW, Inactive, elder, MS...etc

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    Active. Somehow, even if I don't agree with a whole lot of stuff, I still very much enjoy going to meetings and talking to people. The difference however is that I am much less concerned about what others think and somehow, it is suiting me very well up to now.

  • BlindersOff1

    There are active on here

    Bethel Elders





    Gilead Grads

    3rd 4th 5th Gen witnesses





    A couple months ago it was stated that the site had 146,000 unique visitors in 30 days and growing .

  • Pickler

    Hey I'm disfellowshipped & proud of it.........unhappy for a long time, faded & then in hindsight I can see that I deliberately committed immorality as a way of getting out. I could of just DA'd but for some reason that never occurred to me.

    3 elders came to my house & interrogated me on the details & then sent me out of the living room so they could pray about me.

    Now I think about it, it was my house so I should have made them go to the kitchen.

    i think I have blocked a lot of it out, but one thing I do remember is a lot of questions about the length of my skirt - which was below the knee by the way BUT, critically not below enough according to one elder & this was really important.......?

    I think many witnesses would be shocked to know what goes on in DF...but sorry I've gone way off thread

  • Pickler

    I think I'm going to start a new topic on this, maybe others had weird things happen too

  • jgnat

    Being a female UBM kind of seems like a raw deal. - Diest

    I have a happy combination of circumstances. I'm bright, a strategist, and the breadwinner. He knows which side his bread is buttered on.

    So the elders pay me no mind and hubby minds me.

  • Bob_NC

    I did a one year fade starting after the 1999 District Convention I was looking for change from the convention talks, which, of course, did not happen. It was over for me. Last meeting October 2000. Ex-elder and all that...who finds jnat's last comment to be hilarious.

    Jnat, you were never a JW? Only the mate of one? And this site interests you even so?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Inactive, faded for over a year. I was still a pub and elder when I started here. It was so painful and such a waste of time until I was removed, moved away, and faded. I certainly respect those that are still attending and/or elders. They feed me such useful information on here.

  • besunny

    I became inactive and faded,,divorced my abusive, xpioneer JW husband and married a man out of the truth (who is wonderful) my parents are still in and my dad is an elder,most of his family are still active witness's,,I still talk from time to time to friends still in,,but very happy with my life now at almost and wish I had faded alot earlier!!!!!!!!!!

  • fulltimestudent

    Haha- I got kicked out, and instinctively started to run and just kept running and running. - now I'm a long, long, long way from Yahweh's theocratic paradise, so far in fact that I've nearly caught up to the 17 y.o me, that was captured by those roving Christian bandits.

  • Mum

    I've been out since 1979. I started "publishing" when I was 15 years old after going to a Baptist church and listening to Jack Van Impe give incorrect information against JW's. In my adolescent brain, I thought the JW's must be right if this wealthy, charismatic evangelist had to stretch the truth to put them down.

    I waited for t he end to come, as predicted, in 1975. I heard that '75 could be a year or two off. I hung in until 1979, at which time I could not tolerate my life as it was, realized that I had been a better person before becoming a JW, and had a desire to further my education.

    I left a note on the kitchen table for my husband, had a friend drive me to the airport, and went to the other end of the country where I had a disfellowshipped cousin. At that time, my cousin and I were the only members of our family who went whole hog JW. Others were hangers-on, but would not commit.

    At that time, there was no internet or support network. Life was difficult, but no more difficult than when I was a JW.



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