This just new: Thirty-hour quota for auxiliary pioneering (letter)

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  • label licker
    label licker

    We found this the most sickening time of the year. This is when the elders wives drag a huge board to the front of the hall and put little cut-out paper dolls on the board with individuals names on them. Then the idiot wives will stand before and after the meeting flogging their arms in the air and making a big scene infront of the board to try and get others to sign up. When we saw our names up on the board my husband went and tore it off the board and threw it in the garbage and then told the idiots to read Daniel 9:18,19. They even had the paper dolls in different colours to show who was a pioneer, aux, ect... The year before that the cobe asked us why we didn't want our names on the board and we said we don't like practiseing our rightousness before men. He went beat red and this was when the stupid paper dolls didn't have names on them. Last year they had names on them. Who knows, this year they probably won't even put the stupid board up now that we're not there. We weren't the only ones that were complaining about it. And one of the elders wives belonged to a fill in circuit overseer. The funny thing is the one year we had a circuit over visit and they didn't put the board up that year. Yeah, and they call this a volunteer organisation.

  • LisaRose

    Considering that very few of the hours worked are spent in actual preaching, auxiliary pioneering seems meaningless.

    driving around doing not at homes and return visits = 10 hours, actual time spent talking to anyone, averages 2 minutes per hour =20 minutes

    Sitting in on someone else's study = 5 hours

    Walking around knocking on doors, = 10 hours, during which you talk to 2 people per hour, for maybe 2 minutes each hour on average = 40 minutes total

    10 half hour donut breaks = 5 hours

    I have been out a while but from what I understand, the D2D work hasn't changed much, You could be an auxialliary pioneer and actually only spend 1 hour preaching. But I don't think they care about that. They arent actually getting many converts in the more developed countries, and they know it. They just want to keep you busy so you don't to engage in prohibited activities or have time to question the status quo.

  • bafh

    This wouldn't be such a big deal if they didn't focus on labels and status so much. Who cares what you are called? If you want to put in 30 hours a month, put in 30 hours and be done.

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    Oh My God! I heard of the Boards but not the way you describe them "label licker", I thought I heard it all until I read your story. I know a stupid women who wanted to get shirts for the pioneers and aux-pioneers and have a special dinner "Pioneer Party 2010 "GET OUT AND PREACH!" to celebrate getting their hours for the month of April. Elders and Ministerial Servants were harrassed to pioneer "nobody will know if you put the smaller loving number the Slave has provided to boost the numbers".

    The young microphone handlers, sound opperators were told "they had better sign up for the greatest month of field service activity ever!". So much for keeping your righteousness between you and Jehovah God. The cant see they have become the modern day Pharisees of ancient times! I love the board with paper dolls, that's a new low!

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia
  • ÁrbolesdeArabia
  • RayPublisher

    @ÁrbolesdeArabia - The chairman of my JC would (and probably still does) go around and pressure all the servants and elders to Aux Pi each year.

    So he gets to me and starts by asking me how I am doing, etc. and I actually thought he wanted to know how I was....He never talked to me except for congo business. Well, sure enough this was "biz" too, as once he found out I couldn't Aux Pi due to being gone out of state for two weeks on a vacation he was off like a shot moving on the the next one on his list.

    I pointed that story out to him during the meeting as a perfect example of how JWs are works-based, and their "love" can and often is a thin veneer that rubs right off when a person doesn't perform as they want/demand/expect them to.

  • erbie

    Why not just do thirty hours ministry because you want to?

    Why only do it to gain a label?

    My goodness they're cynical!

  • WTWizard

    What happens when it drops to 30 below? It is still a waste of time to attend the pious-sneer meeting, and I would do all I could to not make the time so I could get out of it. Not to mention, if they have pious-sneer applications to waste by stuffing one in my face (they did that one year, stuffing them in everyone's face and expecting the whole congregation to pious-sneer all three months around the REJECT Astaroth Party), I have the electricity to waste shredding it.

    And what is this about a voluntary arrangement? The optimal amount of time in field circus is the point where doing the next unit of time just starts costing more than what you are actually gaining from it. Once the marginal cost exceeds the marginal benefit, you are finished. If this point is at 30 below, so be it. If people are getting actual (not fake) benefit that still exceeds the marginal cost at 250 hours a month, they may feel free to increase their time farther. But if people are getting zero or negative benefit right from zero, and a positive cost, they should cut back as far as they can. Which is zero--I wish I could drop down to 30 below (or even 200 below).

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I am sure some will even get the 30 hours by holding an awake mag on a train all the way to and from work every day... oz

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