This just new: Thirty-hour quota for auxiliary pioneering (letter)

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  • pixel

    I just wanna post post this. I know Atlantis will do it later on...


    Re: Thirty-hour quota for auxiliary pioneering

    Dear Brothers:

    We are pleased to inform you that the arrangement for an optional 30-hour quota for auxiliary

    pioneering during the month of the Memorial is being expanded. Beginning March 2013, this

    arrangement will be available during March and April of every year. It will also be available during

    the months that a regular visit of the circuit overseer is scheduled at a congregation. If the circuit

    overseer’s visit (Tuesday through Sunday) includes days from two months, the auxiliary pioneer

    may decide which month he would like to have the 30-hour quota. Additionally, beginning March

    2013, any publisher who auxiliary pioneers during a month in which the circuit overseer visits the

    congregation may attend the circuit overseer’s meeting with the pioneers in its entirety.

    This letter will be posted on the information board for one month. Thereafter, the elders will

    be pleased to refer to this letter to answer any questions you may have.

    We send our warm Christian love.

    Your brothers,

    cc: Traveling overseers

    PS to body of elders:

    The above portion of this letter should be read to the congregation during the Service Meeting

    the week of February 11, 2013, at the beginning of the part “Will You Auxiliary Pioneer?” Although

    this postscript along with the rest of the letter will be posted on the information board, the postscript

    should not be read to the congregation. The letter should be retained in the congregation permanent

    file of policy letters. You may wish to update Index to Letters for Bodies of Elders (S-22) at this time

    as well.

    Besides the months of March and April, an adjusted hour quota may only be applied to the

    circuit overseer’s regular visit to a congregation, not to a visit in conjunction with a circuit event or

    other circumstance. Even if the last day of an auxiliary pioneer’s service falls on the first evening of

    the circuit overseer’s visit, the auxiliary pioneer may choose a 30-hour quota for that month and

    may attend the circuit overseer’s meeting with the pioneers in its entirety.

  • hoser

    when they drop to 15 hours I'll sign up

  • suavojr

    I can see them extending this for longer and get people exited. Soon you will see some JW in a convention talking about how this new arrangement helped them become regular pioneers.

  • hoser

    they'll have to drop regular pioneering to 50 hours per month.

    What a loving provision from Jehovah

  • Eustace

    they'll have to drop regular pioneering to 50 hours per month.

    What is it now?

  • hoser


  • irondork

    Damn, that reeks of a Going Out of Business sale!

  • pixel

    Now regular pio is 70. the GB/FDS/WT loves number.

  • moshe

    Hip hip Horray! It's a great day for followers of Yaweh! JWs are standing in line to sign up for this speecial preevaleege from Jehoover's earthly organization-

  • Gayle

    I figured they would expand this. Aux. Pio, (50 hrs) are dropping numbers extremely. I expect it will become a year round availability soon. I don't expect reg. pio. hours to drop soon though as the reg. pios. numbers increasing as it is.

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