Anybody else kinda intrigued about Oprah interviewing Lance Armstrong?

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  • talesin

    I saw an interview from Australia yesterday. They had paid LA to do promotion, and are suing to get their money back. The guy said "He lied. He is a fraud and took our money under false pretences. Yes, we want it back." There are companies that are after his money back, too.

    He did it to himself. If he wanted to stay under the radar, then he didn't have to pursue the fame and 'hero image' .... role model? bah humbug!

    J_W - Yes, this is just the 'icing on the cake' - he's not someone I look up to either.


  • problemaddict

    Lance cheated. Cheating is worse than lying. When you cheat and take first place, if second place didn't cheat, he loses out on the glory, the sponsors, themoney, his/her name being promoted, and more. This is life changing in these "fringe" sports.

    Marion Jones is just as bad. Barry Bonds is just as bad. These guys steal the spotlight, the money, the attention, and the praise that deserves to go to those that play by the rules. There are legitimate suppliments that help workout, help recovery etc.. Then there are the things these people used, so give them a superhuman edge. Blood transfusions in between circuits on the tour? Please!!

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Who remembers the name of the guy who came second?

    I would have to look it up!

  • sir82
    I feel sorriest for the guy who came second. If he was an honest competitor the title rightfully belonged to him all these years but he was denied it

    At this point, I'm of the opinion that ALL bike racers are drugged up. At least, all the pros.

  • james_woods

    The latest rumor is that he cynically did wealth-hiding efforts prior to doing this admission to protect himself against lawsuits - including fixing up some kind of funny "mortgage" on his house.

    There are many more riders than just Lance that need to answer to this - as well as the sanctioning body:


    "Ever since the UCI set up an independent commission to investigate itself, there have been questions about how independent this body will be. Those questions have been answered today in an outbreak of very undiplomatic language from the commission, which is comprised of two distinguished sports lawyers and Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson.

    "This trio, worried about having their hands tied, has told the UCI that unless the governing body allows an amnesty for honest testimony from riders, it cannot shed any meaningful light on the sport's dark, Lance Armstrong-dominated recent history.

    "This stance is supported by Wada and Usada, which relied heavily on plea bargains to build its case against Armstrong, and the UCI now finds itself very isolated in its opposition to so-called 'truth and reconciliation'. The questions now are about what the UCI is trying to hide."

  • Simon

    Think of all the poor HONEST athletes who's careers he robbed.

    He shouldn't be given air-time and the inevitable tears he'll shed are too little too late IMO.

  • Violia

    What exactly was Lance taking?

    I see a lot of pre /during /after workout amino acids etc . Many folks who work in the world of modeling , actors, singers artists, etc use performance enhancing drugs. They get rewarded for their efforts.

  • fakesmile

    jesus guys. he doped and tried some questionable medical procedures to win. i think he is more of a testament to the human body and minds ability to overcome anything. i concede, he cheated. but so did 2nd-8th. now if the second finisher was clean than i would understand the controversy. as someone else said, he was the fastest cheater. simple. as far as opra goes, she needs to stop pandering to dumb people and get on a bike herself.

    i hope lance doesnt get a gun pointed at him by oprahs minge and her gary.

  • Tater-T
  • mP

    Not only did Lance cheat, he lied for years, accused others of all sorts of things. Sounds like his next job might be the 8th GB or the head of the WTS writing department. He also has the stamina to tell everyone his lies for years another quality they require.

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