Anybody else kinda intrigued about Oprah interviewing Lance Armstrong?

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  • wasblind

    He's a puss. If he was a real man, he would've let Costas, or Al Michaels, Dan Patrick, or any number of legitimate sports journalists have at him for an hour. I'd have an ounce of respect for him if he at least did that__________generation

    He is a real man

    Costas, Micheals and patrick don't have ample breast , and a plush couch

    give the man credit for somethin'

  • mP

    Lance is a lying scumbag on the leve of the WTS. He is only admitting to it now because well what else can he possibly say. He is backed into a corner that has no alternatives.

  • cofty

    Sport is based on an agreement between all parties.

    Its not about how fast, strong or skillful a human can be - its about how fast, strong or skillful a human can be by training and competing within agreed rules.

    Whan an athlete cheats they are not doing sport any more. It may still be interesting to discover the limits of performance with no holds barred, but it isn't sport.

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Re: Anybody else kinda intrigued about Oprah interviewing Lance Armstrong?

    Nope, I'd rather cut off my right nut with a rusty spoon then watch it.


    Oprah and Lance will have nice looking kids..

    Unless Tom Cruise starts jumping on the Couch..

    Then those kids will look Messed Up!..

    ................................. mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

  • designs

    Shirley- lol

  • kurtbethel

    I really don't care.

    The sports industry could have ended all this nonsense years ago by adopting enhanced events, and keeping legacy events, with two sets of records. Then the public could decide which sports they preferred to watch. But out of greed, they allowed the illusion of events being all legacy events while there were all sorts of enhancements being secretly done. Perhaps we will never know the actual unenhanced world records for many kinds of sports. It is all very shameful.

    Enhanced Olympics for Superior Athletes

    this is not your grandfathers olympics with cyborgs and transhumanists competing nowThe International Olympic Committee has announced that beginning in the 2008 games there will be two separate classes of competition.

    Committee spokesman Kane Neuman explained the new development in the international games with an ancient history.

    "We have been fooling ourself for too long, trying to catch athletes who use technology to cheat the games," Neuman said. "We were wrong. We should embrace it and put those people together on a level playing field to compete against each other, while also recognizing athletes who wish to use natural training methods."

    "The Natural Olympic Games will be for athletes who do not use drugs, hormones, surgery or genetic alteration to improve their performance. It is the Olympic Games of your grandfather, his father and all those going back to classical times."

    "Recognizing modern trends, the Enhanced Olympic Games will allow for any technological advance, and even encourage its promotion. We expect competitors to be genetically enhanced, perhaps use pharmaceutical products and even bring cybernetic augmentation into the competition to show us the best that technology can provide us."

    Each class of Olympic competition will maintain its own separate records and issue separate medals and awards.

    It is expected that this trend in athletics will expand in the sports world. The Tour de France organizers have also expressed interest in two similar classes of competition.

  • GLTirebiter
    I wonder if Lance is gonna blow the cover on how wide spread doping is in cycling.

    Alexi Grewal spoke up about pervasive doping, but not many seem to have listened.

    My prayer and heart is that if, and I still hope that that day comes, that my son desires to taste the “King of Sports” that he can do so knowing that somewhere along the line and in some fashion I came clean and was willing at least once to speak out and do something so that what I saw and experienced is not what he will. He deserves that and it is required of me. And I think I am not alone. I did enough time in the game to know how it was and who did what. All of us who were there, and who can speak up, should do so. It is such a paradox that the sport that has the most potential to reform addicts, to help them to connect with long-fried neural pathways from such things as methamphetamine, is the sport that is so filled with performance-enhancing drugs.

  • Satanus

    I find the competitive gimp sports to be even stupider. Ok for having fun, but competitive???


  • gubberningbody


    Name some pro cyclists who haven't doped!


    Now prove it!

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