Pioneering - the best job in the world!

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    Pioneering could be lucrative in some areas if you got contracts with donut and and bagel shops to do undercover reporting and review the service and staff.

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    ambersun - I shouldn't be shocked but I still am. I'm so sad and angry at your story because I know how it is that people waste their early years doing what they're told and then out of misguided loyalty they keep going until some catastrophy intervenes - but if not then the decades slip by (well grind by very slowly and painfully as you put yourself in dangerous exhausting situations to meet a ridiculous hours target that they change at will).

    Your loyalty and hard work in any company would have been rewarded in the most approriate way - financially (in your very own savings account!) so you could choose to spend it how you wanted - having a comfortable, secure living and possibly to share with your family. This made me think of the Farepack Scandal when savings were effectively lost/stolen by dodgy directors. There was outrage at some savings being stolen - yet in your case - a bunch of dodgy company men with the misguided influence of your family robbed you of a lifetime of earnings, savings, pension, health and opportunities.

    For all the pioneers who have spent a lifetime distributing literature - you have made a few men at the top very comfortable for the rest of their years. It's not fair.


  • WTWizard

    Pious-sneering is the worst "career(??)" in the world. First, they waste all your time. You are stuck going out, day in and day out, sick or not, because you made a commitment to joke-hova (seems that thing welshes on you at will and thinks nothing about it; yet if you are one hour short, that thing snaps at you). This leaves no time for anything else. No hobbies, no school, no decent job, no nothing.

    Then they program you to think poverty is a virtue. I don't know how many times they have told us, from the platform, that being poor or just above poverty is the best for you. They have too many experiences at a$$emblies where a person was living a fine lifestyle and getting 10 hours a month. Then they cut way back on their income to pious-sneer, and everyone had to make sacrifices. They are now pious-sneers, and they count that a blessing. One family in my former congregation actually did that, cutting way back on regular work and making deep sacrifices so they could all pious-sneer. All the family are regular pious-sneers, and the father is the lead hounder of the congregation. (Who I am still expecting a stop from while at, or on my way to or from, work to be snagged right back in by force.)

    All this glorifying poverty is the absolute worst attitude one could have toward money. This is much worse than thinking one is not capable of earning or making money. By glorifying this kind of sacrifice, you are setting your soul up for future lifetimes to barely make it, or to always be poor. Since you are also setting yourself up for a lifetime of knocking on doors each and every time without so much as a computer you can cross-reference something with, there is no escape. By having the "Poverty is a virtue" attitude through your life, you are programming yourself in future lives. And no ability to break free--I don't think there is even one witless that knows any mantras that as much as might work to break such a spell. Even if they did, they would be afraid of being "attacked" by Satan (which they are programmed to worry about--worrying about being attacked by the very Being that could actually have saved them) or getting disfellowshipped for spiritism.

    In addition, you are going to have a wretched existence. You waste huge amounts of gas and car money. And for what? You get to drive, or be driven, through the territory. You work the same filthy streets all the time. It is the same message. You never develop mentally, let alone spiritually. Joke-hova gets all the credit if you succeed, while you get the blame if you don't. Hence, there is nothing to look forward to. No class trips, no vacation time, no going to a foreign country without having to do boasting sessions and field circus the whole time, no retirement, and not even a major change of events. The biggest thing you might run into is someone blasting rap music that can be heard on the whole street or having The Price is Right on TV where someone either wins Golden Road's grand prize or blows a car by one stupid mistake. When the highlight of your life is the hounder-hounder calling you up to the platform to sing a stupid Kingdumb malady as a child, it is a pathetic life.

  • ambersun

    Thanks for your comments MMXIV. As you say, far from any loyalty being rewarded, it was often just the opposite. Single sisters in particular had no status in the congregation and regardless of how many hours we put into the ministry each month we were still just lowly sisters with no say in the congregation other than to answer up at the Watchtower study and take part in those silly little plays sisters had to perform during the Theocratic Ministry School. There wasn't even a pioneer school to go to in those days, at least I was never invited to attend one!

    Elders wives seemed to think they could order us about and rule our lives and the CO's wife interferred with my life to such an extent on one particular occasion that I became quite ill and depressed. As she was also a pioneer I found myself working with her a lot and as a result she seemed to think she had a lot of say over how I lived my life and who I chose to be friends with.

    After a period of time I stopped pioneering due to bad health and depression and could hardly bear to go out on the ministry at all. I was in big trouble with the CO one month when I had only put in 2 hours. He had a private meeting with me after the service meeting one night and instead of any concern or sympathy he told me that my lack of enthusiasm for the ministry and feelings of depression were because I obviously had a guilty concience and needed to sort myself out and that my low hours were a sign of Jehovah's spirit not being with me or something like that. I was stunned. I was on the verge of tears but he just got up and walked away without a backwards glance. Never, ever did he or anyone else congratulate me for all the time I had spent as a full time pioneer!! Needless to say I never pioneered again after that and already had serious doubts about the 'Truth'.

    Sorry if this has gone very slightly off topic, I just felt the need for a little rant .

    Better now


    Hmmm WTWizard - I remember those experiences too - heard one pioneers talking about how they economised by buying a good quality coat and shoes before they stopped working and how they were still lasting well.

    I knew quite a few pioneers who were on benefits and were careful on how much they earned so they could get the max from the government to pay for their rent and food. Not sure the householders would have been so keen to be told their taxes were going to people who knocked on their doors and told them they wouldn't live through armageddon because they loved money.


  • moshe
    I knew quite a few pioneers who were on benefits and were careful on how much they earned so they could get the max from the government

    Oh, the irony for those JWs! They are preaching that Jehoovers Kingdom is the only hope for mankind, but they are surviving thanks to Caesar's social welfare programs! I never made that connection when I was a JW.

  • wasblind

    I never made that connection when I was in______Moshe

    And Jehovah's Witnesses still don't make that connection

    they're convinced " Their No Part of the World , they eat manna "

    Paid for wit' food stamps

    They don't need a job for provisions like clothin'

    Jehovah clothes the lillies , he'll clothe them too

    jus' sit butt naked in the middle of a field, and wait on Jehovah


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