Pioneering - the best job in the world!

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  • 20yearfader

    never even with the overbearing parents i had,in fact i think i only got my standard 10 hours twice all of the 17 years i was in never had the desire to pioneer,man i hated going in field service

  • clarity

    One that I know started out with enthusiasm & a bit 'cocky',

    or is that spelled kooky'


    40yrs later never had a real life, no marriage, no children,

    no grandbabies, no family, no house, no pension..........

    Did do a lot of cleaning work tho and now is just kind of

    draggin herself around town!.


    At least when the catholic Nuns do this, they have a place to stay

    in their old age!


    Pioneering should be outlawed! It is promoted on an assumption

    that they will be saved by armageddon or.. or ...something


  • prologos

    best job in the world? best conjob. pulling wool over sheeps heads. comes with a college degree from awake university.

    but many that did it got what they asked for, as long you did not think that it was later than you think.

  • Eustace

    Where did the WT get the term "pioneering" anyway?

    It's not in the Bible...

    There also isn't anything in the Bible saying that so much as a single Christian counted how many hours they spent preaching the good news, so I guess using a word not found in the Bible is all too appropriate.

    Another thing about the Pioneering arrangement is that it's a huge encouragement to waste time in the ministry. It's all based on the quantity of time spent, not the quality of time spent.

    Plus: Does the Watchtower Society know most of their baptisms come from people who have JW family? If they understood that, it's very hard to explain why they think it's a good idea to encourage JW sisters to while away their biological clocks in a huge waste of time.

  • MrFreeze

    I was a regular pioneer. Makes me sick to the think of my career opportunities that went down the drain because I was not only a JW, but a full-time JW. Fortunately, I'm still young so I'm not completely screwed.

  • ambersun

    I have just read cobaltcupcake's blog which has brough back so many memories, but here is a brief (edited to say well, maybe not quite so brief ) summary of my experience of pioneering - the best job in the world.

    Well, as I entered my teenage years my plans and expectations for the future were as far as you could get from how they turned out to be. I had a grammar school education with prospects of university ahead of me and two parents who were determined to ensure I made the best of my opportunities and ended up with a good, fulfilling career.

    During the middle of my teenage years a JW started working at the same company as my father. Within 6 months, our entire family were attending meetings, going out in service and studying for baptism. Things were done very quickly in those days as armageddon was soooooo close!

    By the end of my teenage years all thoughts of a glittering career had long since gone. It was the late 1960s and all young people were obliged to pioneer whether they wanted to or not, otherwise they would not get through armageddon. My mother put so much pressure on me that I gave in and did it. Anything for a quiet life. I was a full time pioneer (100 hours a month in those days), doing a part time cleaning job, feet often so covered in blisters that every step was painful (I couldn't afford driving lessons let alone a car) but I had to keep going. Despite the powers that be saying that you should only work in twos, I often had no choice but to work alone in order to get my hours in, if nobody was available to come out and work with me. Some of the houses I called on as a teenage girl were quite dodgy to say the least and it is a wonder I survived unscathed. I was invited in by alcoholics, men showing an unusual interest in discussing religion, and many other dodgy situations that would make your hair stand on end. Fortunately I had enough common sense to turn down most offers to go inside the house and made a hasty retreat saying I would return with a man to talk to them. They amazingly lost interest at that point.

    My parents were not worried about all these dangers as "the angels are looking after you".

    As a direct result of long hours out in all weathers followed by evenings spent in overheated kingdom halls full of people with coughs and colds, I developed chronic bronchitis and asthma. "Never mind", my parents would say, "in the New System (which is coming sooooon) you will be able to fulfill your ambitions and your bronchial problems will have gone because we will all be perfect!!!" Don't worry that you are pennyless with barely enough money to afford the obligatory tights all sisters must wear to the meetings. I was even told off by a fellow pioneer for having a savings account! I only had a few pounds in it for extreme emergencies, but it was showing a lack of faith to even have THAT!

    I am now in my 60s living off a basic state pension and thinking of all those lost opportunities.

    Yes, keep on pioneering - it is the best job in the world!!

  • l p
    l p


  • gorgia

    Wow - having had so-called 'weak spiritually' parents, I grew up seeing pioneers only from afar - they were the lofty ones who seemed to have 'the secret' of JDub happiness & fulfilment. I remember meetings when the elders read from the platform some particular full-time pioneer's staggeringly impressive hours and everyone would clap.

    I also remember most of my peers were set on leaving highschool early with one purpose in mind - to pioneer. They all seemed so eager and matter-of-fact about it - none of them said their parents were forcing them, but I'll bet behind the scenes they were hardly given much choice as to their futures. I wasn't allowed to finish highschool or go to university, but I am forever grateful my parents were not of the 'super-witness' ilk and insisted on me going door to door for umpteen hours in the Aussie summer for no pay & zero reception.

    I would like to thank those who posted honestly about their pioneering experiences.


  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman


    I am so sorry, you and I and everyone that has anything to do with Rutherford's Jehovah's Witnesss were blantenly lied too.

    Who freely slaves (pioneers) for a Worldwide Real Estate Corp? No one with half a brain.

    Who dedicates themselves to a Book Publishing Empire? No one.They were dishonest. We were innocent sheep.

    What fool tells someone...You can't get an education? We won't allow it? What? What??

    They never cared about the little people. It was all about them. It still is.

    Just Lois

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Ambersun >>>>>>>>>>Private message me and tell me how you are. OK?

    Just Lois

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