Pioneering - the best job in the world!

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    How often did I hear those words at circuit or district assemblies - that pioneering was the best job in the world? How often did I hear a fake job advert for pioneering where there was 100% job satisfaction working for the most powerful person in the universe and you'd get to travel the world and live forever...

    I've done both jobs and would say that the job advert should more honestly read like this:

    Secular Job

    Salary: considerable salary allowing one to live a good lifestyle

    Prospects: one may continue to earn more in the future

    Development: study as part of a career part funded by my employer, becoming an all round professional

    Working environment: beautiful location in secure modern offices surrounded by latest technology

    Perks: pension, benefits package, insurance, some paid travel, car allowance, maternity

    Holidays: 5 weeks plus bank holidays (and weekends goes without saying)

    Skills/qualities required: qualifications, aptitude, experience, passion

    Job satisfaction: delivering results utilising skills, general wellbeing, fun

    Moving on: 3 months notice, friendly departure, welcome to keep in contact


    Salary: zero

    Prospects: damaging career prospects for every year in the job. Promise of living forever by untrustworthy source – proven to be false for over 100 years

    Development: learning irrational and deceptive reasoning, becoming used to social embarrassment

    Working environment: street selling in all weathers without any security or insurance encountering hostile rejection

    Perks: must provide own car, insurance, petrol, be willing to drive those who opt out of this. Having a baby requires a change of working environment as doctors, consultants and nurses become new customers

    Holidays: None, no evenings off, no late mornings

    Skills required: no qualifications, no experience. The ability to follow dangerous and life threatening policies without question, judge others and believe women to be less important than men. Happy for everyone who disagrees with one’s employer to be destroyed. Those mentally diseased or with gangrene need not apply

    Job satisfaction: guilt, unrequited hope, burn-out, boredom, depression, more guilt, frustration (every type!) and even more guilt

    Moving on: immediate dismissal without reasonable appeal resulting in no more contact with family or friends


  • moshe

    For the downtrodden JW in a dead end job, pioneering can give them special status in the KH- and maybe even allow them to marry above their station in life.


    Ah yes Moshe - the biggest motivating factors for signing up to the best job in the world! I may have missed more than a few skills required...


  • jgnat

    Here's a fish monger that consistently gets high employee satisfaction ratings.

    There is creativity, engagement, empowerment. Now that's what makes a great job.

  • redvip2000

    It must be truly traumatic to pioneer for 20 - 30 years and then realize that the Watchtower is a bunch of BS. I mean even many of us regret any effort put in working for the Watchtower. Now imagine deidcating your life to this organization as a full time "slave", doing a job that brings absolutely no results and realizing at the end that even the message is false.

  • cobaltcupcake

    I tried pioneering a couple of times. It was soul-crushing.

    The Odd Life of Jehovah's Witnesses - Pioneering - A Misnomer at Best

  • Ding

    Where did the WT get the term "pioneering" anyway?

    It's not in the Bible...

  • moshe

    Plowing is what they actually do-they plow the same streets over and over, trying to sell that kernel of corn in a pile of-

  • mamochan13

    I pioneered for several years. It was one of the more difficult jobs I've held in my life. My aunt, however, pioneered for around 50 years. A factor contributing to her death was loss of lung function from going out preaching in the cold when she was told not to stress her lungs. Gotta get those hours in!

    But she seemed content enough with the life job she chose. And she had other opportunities. She was a court reporter (very prestigous job back in the day)


    I was lucky enough to have a second chance at work and at education. I was also lucky to be told by the odd householder that i shouldn't waste my time knocking on doors at my age but instead study and get qualifications. They were right and i remember them because they were sincere and direct.


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