I'm so offended by what happened today at the KIngdom Hall!!

by Vienna Angelika 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Violia

    I am sorry you are being treated this way. Many jws actually believing that if you become ill it is due to a secret sin or bad attitude etc. Of course when someone they approve of becomes ill (like themselves) it is a test from Satan or time an unforeseen circumstances. It is all just nonsense as we all can become ill and medication has side effects. They are not very far from believing that demons cause mental illness or sickness of any kind.

  • WTWizard

    I recommend not going at all. If being late and/or sleeping through parts of the boasting session is such a big deal to them, particularly since a medical condition is responsible, then they don't deserve anything. And skip field circus while you're at it. When they solve the problem instead of using it as a test (your health and safety, and safety of anyone else sharing the road with you if you fall asleep at the wheel while on your way to a boasting session or are in field circus), then you return. Until then, nothing.

    And that's even if doctors solve the medical problem. Keep on skipping boasting sessions and field circus, for their cold-hearted attitude toward your health. Even if a new medication, discontinuing your present medication, nutrition, or alternative remedies (FDA approved or not) totally solve the problem, the witlesses don't deserve you being at the Kingdumb Hell. Additionally, whatever money you are currently donating to the witlesses needs to stop--keep the money, spend it on whatever you feel like, invest as you see fit. But under no circumstances should you be supporting them. They, not you, need to trust in joke-hova to take care of their needs as he promises to take care of the organization and not the members. Put that to the test, put joke-hova to the test as that thing puts us to the test. Joke-hova is not solving your problem, so that thing doesn't deserve your support.

  • punkofnice

    I'm sorry you have had to see the hypocrisy within the KH the hard way.

    Thankfully not all JWs are like this but sadly many can't help themselves. The WBT$ gives them licence to be arrogant and self serving in the name of god. Big shame that!

    When you're ready, you'll make your own exit. It's almost inevitable.

    I wish you peace. Regards Paul

  • cantleave

    Sadly the religion takes good people and turns them into Judgemental, pedants.

  • wasblind

    This is classic cult speak at its best. Basically, they want you disown yourself including your life and everything to slave for them._____Scott77

    I would like to elaborate on that from the March 2008 Kingdom ministry

    " Energy: We need to put aside anxieties that could make our hearts " bow down " , robbing us of energy that we could use in serving God. Even if we have legitimate concern, how much better is it to throw our burden upon Jehovah"

    Bottom line: These people DO NOT CARE to understand whats goin' on even if you explain



  • wasblind

    Even if you are laid up in a hospital bed, you are expected to preach from that bed and place a mag if possible

    salvation is earned in the WTS and if you don't get your hours in you won't make it to paradise


  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Earning salvation was something the watchtower taught us we could never do but at the same time saying Christ's sacrifice was invalidated if we didn't do door to door work and attend meetings, study etc.

    This was quite a hard concept for me to understand and subsequently let go of until I realised I wasn't serving God I was serving them. Once grasped everything else natuarally fell into place.

  • maisha

    Lol,, dont worry, ,our Secertary used to sleep all through the service meeting, and snore!,,, he was old bro,,,

    nobody dared to wake him.

    one day a new elder came and thought he was shit hot.

    he went and woke him up said he was snoring and disturbing the meeting for others al lin front of the other people.

    The old guy said ohhhh ok,,, sorry people,,

    10 minutes later he was asleep again,,,,,

    mr shit hot looked stupid...... he looked my way i smirked at him like he was a fool.

    he was pissed.

    so next time you need to sleep, dont go out to the car it is rude!.

    if you sleep in the hall is ok... at least you ar ein the hall.

    plus it lets the speaker know his talk is shit and putting people to sleep..

    Enjoy IT!!!!

  • truthlover


    If you want to go to the meetings, do so and don't leave if you are tired. There are many brothers and some sisters who do go to sleep and no-one really cares. You should go to an elder your trust and inform him of your health, and although you probably won't get anywhere, at least, the word is out that you are not well and need the rest. I too, have felt sleepy due to my health and nodded off, it's good you are making the effort to just be there, let alone be scrutinized for it!

    As far as the mother of your friend, she is one of those righteous ones and can't see anything unless its pointing fingers at people who dont live up to her standards.. don't sweat this stuff, they are always there, YOU do what is best for YOUR health, remember Jesus was tired too, its just a human condition....

  • jgnat

    I call them "Job's Comforters", which my JW husband doesn't "get". I wonder why this stellar example of misguided "comfort" is missed by the WTS?

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