I'm so offended by what happened today at the KIngdom Hall!!

by Vienna Angelika 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • 20yearfader

    well they would never want me to come over i became a master of sleeping with one eye opened when i attended the hall.It worked well until i attended a meeting after drinking and my sister ratted me out.....ah the good ole days

  • LisaRose

    Jehovah's Witnesses are a very judgemental group of people. The organization sets impossible standards, which are almost impossible to meet, especially as one grows older and/or develops health problems. Women have no real function in the congregation, except from the door to door work, I think they are just bored and jealous of others, which makes them critical. While there are some really nice people in this organization, there are a lot of "holier than thou" types, who like nothing better than to gossip and criticize others. It happens in other churches also and even in work situations. The Watchtower maintains a fiction of "Jehovah's Happy People", but the reality is they are no better than any other group, and sometimes worse.

  • Quarterback

    Sorry to hear about your medical condition, and how some react to it because of ignorance. JW's are imperfect and many times come accross as cruel despite their best intentions.

    I remember when I was young, some in the congregation didn't want their children to associate with me because my parents were inactive.

    I did have a good friend that hung in, and we pioneered many years as we grew up together.

    I used to be in charge of a First Aid dept at the assemblies, and understand the issues that you faced. So many came, but I felt that they should have stayed at home. One time a older brother came to the assembly, and had breathing problems. He stayed in the first aid the whole time. The next month he had died. He gave his all, to his faith.

    You will learn that these things will stop to bother you in time as you get older.


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