Does an "all knowing" God have the leisure of choosing not to know something?

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    Not sure what I meant? Cool, I won't explain it. Pointless.

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    dazed but not confused

    Ravens - god knows everything jesus was the lamb from creation rev 13:8

    If god knows everything and does NOTHING...... This makes him the Universe's biggest asshole. Edumakate yourself

    With all kinda due love.....

  • Bobcat

    Part of the problem with the WT idea is that it pre-supposes that God could know every exact detail about the future.

    So the reasoning would go thusly:

    God can know everything about the future.

    But He has shown that He doesn't know everything

    So there must be a reason why He doesn't know everything

    And the only reason that we (the WT) can think of is:

    He must have chosen not to know that thing

    The paradox resides in the fact that you have to know about a thing in order to choose it as an item that you will not know

    The problem is that everything in the future is related to everything in the past and present. This truth can be seen in Scriptures such as Galatians 6:7 - 'Whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap.'

    If you knew everything as it exists at the present, theoretically, you should also know every possible perturbation that the present could result in (the future). So if you blanked out a piece of the future, your knowledge of the present should enable you to reconstruct it. Since that is how you knew about the future in the first place.

    Then would start the never-ending cycle of choosing to forget something in the future. Then reconstructing that future knowledge based on your present knowledge. Then remembering that you did not want to remember that particular piece of future knowledge. Then on and on. . .

  • Satanus


    That sounds like a chance for a computer crash, or at least a lockup. No wonder wt god is 'resting'. He's actually looping.


  • Bobcat


    Yea. It reminds me of a division by zero error or an error where Windows runs out of "resources."

    In VB if you weren't careful you could acidentally write unending event-loops (they were called event-cascades, if memory serves) that would first cause the program to stall and then after a few seconds you would get some random error message. They were sometimes very hard to trace an error like that.

  • designs

    Wt. writers were trying to get God off the hook for standing by while terrible things happen. In Wt. theology god's biggest concern is his Marquee status.

  • unstopableravens

    designs, you might be right about there motive,but the truth is it was gods purpose for those things to happen,thats why jesus was the lamb before adams sin,he was already the sacrfice!

  • designs

    Unstop- You'd make a good Presbyterian.

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