Does an "all knowing" God have the leisure of choosing not to know something?

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    Dave Perez thank you! re:

    2) "single event foresight" In my simple mind, I put this in a question and answer form. I would not claim for a creator more than a knowledgeable creature. For example predicting total eclipses time and location into the next century. or any event like that, but universe-wide. or events commensurate with the mental capacity of such a creator.

    1) The existence of a the universe for me, a skilled manual worker (one of my hobbies is making flying sculptures), in my MIND is more easily explained as a work. rather than a random oscillation gone ballistic. In my mother tongue, which has lent itself for great analytical thought, the word for reality has the root "WORK" , so I drank that concept with my mothers milk.

    * but thats why included the possibility " IF there is a creator "

    of course if there is no even a possibility of a creator, or god, or the concept even, we would not be talking here about an "all knowing" god; right?

    I would be the first to applaud PROOF of a natural emerging, un-created, existing cosmos, it would not require me , (I think) to abandon beliefs I hold now. learning keeps me young. thank you for helping that process along.

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    Does an "all knowing" God have the leisure of choosing not to know something?

    You wouldn't think so. A god who isn't omniscient or chooses ignorance really isn't much of a god IMO

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