How Can I Kindly Kick Weak And Unproductive Publishers Out Of My Kingdom Hall?

by AuntConnie 67 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • dazed but not confused
  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    AuntConnie is either a genius or the Aunti-Christ.

    Neither - she/he really needs attention.

  • dazed but not confused
  • Hope4Others

    This is the most selfish topic I have ever heard. I really hope this is not real.

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Check her/his previous posts. Nothing she/he does is real.

  • Hope4Others
  • flipper

    I think Aunt Connie has BEEN ( perhaps still is ) a self absorbed, self righteous Jehovah's Witness who ( unexpectedly to her ) is possibly in the midst of a change happening within herself for the positive since coming to this site. As she stated in her opening post, she can't help it, she finds us- or this site- or the information on this site addictive because - ( also unknown to her ) - it's helping her to think critically and expand her open mind and horizons for the first time in her life ! Perhaps our good efforts are helping her develop compassion or positive humane characteristics in a gradual way within herself that she has not had due to WT Society influence for years and she's just beginning to see this.

    Aunt Connie has been used to buying into the dream, the fantasy that the WT Society offers for so long now - that she truly thought she was sitting at Jesus Christ right hand as the associate bitch elder's helper she THOUGHT she was. But now she is having second thoughts. I'm happy for you Connie. You sound as if you'd be a very decent honest person in a likeable way if you'll just keep progressing and losing your JW haughtiness hat and start having compassion for the human race- including young teenage JW " Sisters " who are probably just as depressed as you are but too stunted within emotionally to be as vocal as you are or as honest. Connie, cut the young lady you were out in service with some slack as you are doing. Stop calling her a " slut " - that's insulting to say the least. What if she called you a " spiritual slut " for supporting the JW's - yet disagreeing with WT Society policy within yourself ? See my point ?

    Point is we all have some good points and we all have things we need to improve on. Connie, you also need to realize that an organization like the WT Society who puts it's outward reputation first and women and children last is NOT an organization that is either approved by " God " or a respectable organization. The WT Society's continuing to hide pedophiles and child abuses that occur in it's midst is evidence of a criminal organization. Also the instructions given to elders to call Bethel legal first and then NOT going to police authorities at all or even as an afterthought is criminally negligent on their part and hinders what " God " told his people to do in Romans 13 : 1- 4 in regards to being in subjection to the superior authorities placed in position by " God " to carry out justice towards crimes committed. Thus, if the Governing Body or WT Society leaders restrict, disallow, or prevent criminal investigations of child abuse - they are putting themselves in a position to be judged to death by the supreme judge who you claim to obey - " God Jehovah ".

    Ask yourself Connie, do you really want to be associated with a criminally negligent organization whose actions and conduct show them to be worthy of eternal condemnation and judgment by " God Jehovah " ? You have a decision that will be facing you and your newfound sense of compassion and humanitarianism if you look at things honestly in a deep, contemplative way. I just present this to you to get you to think critically- nothing more, nothing less. I do hope you gain your freedom of mind that has been stripped from you all these years. From one who was in the Witnesses for 44 years from birth, Sincerely, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • perfect1

    Aunt Connie, can I have a smoothie in your Lexus.


  • carla

    I would think just by becoming friends with these folks would be enough to get rid of them.

  • mrsjones5

    If I had a Lexus I wouldn't drive it to the hood to flash it. That's just asking for a car jacking. Plus, how are you able to afford a Lexus?

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