How Can I Kindly Kick Weak And Unproductive Publishers Out Of My Kingdom Hall?

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  • AuntConnie

    Unproductive Kingdom Proclaimers Won't Leave My Kingdom Hall, How Do I Rid Our Hall Of These Vultures or Turkeys?


    After visiting your site, I decided to allow one of the spiritual weak individuals into my car group, it was not easy but you have made valid points I find very self condemning. The day started out ok, until this sister brought her fourteen year old daughter who was wearing a very short dress, very offensive indeed! Sister weak complained her ex-husband was not providing spousal support or child support and she had no money to buy any modest clothes her daughter was willing to buy. I knew where this was heading, why bring up financial problems during Service, why not wait another time? How convenient to bring up monetary problems with three of the richest sisters?

    I thought about asking her depressed mother "those little phones are not very cheap, is that a iphone 5? She has been texting in her own little world, why bring her out in field service when the little slut should stay home? Why go in field service to put in a appearance when your heart is far away from Jehovah? The old Aunt Connie would have taken the girl out and bought her a couple of dresses and new shoes but she is long gone! I am emotionally dead now, I despise the little ones who run up to me at Meetings hoping I have a "hand out" or some candy. What are these weak witnesses offering in return, they continue to bring their empty pockets and appetite to Jehovah's Organization Table and never offer to bring anything! They are nothing more than selfish jackals or hyenas begging to siphon our money and time, I am starting to hate them again.

    Why did I listen to you people here, I live in my own comfort zone and avoided this kind of dirt. I think it's not fair of you apostates or ex-witnesses to expect me to drive them around and pay for their kids lunches and smoothies knowing I will never be repaid or reimbursed by her mother. I don't like you tinkering with my mind and heart, I was happily devoid of emotion or compassion before I came here. I do not like feeling guilt again and yet your location and words are addictive to me.

    Apostates are not suppose to be happy, or senseable with clear reasoning faculites, why do you act like happy-humane and good people? The Watchtower needs to update their profile of exjws, because you are not evil people. My ten posts are up for the day, why are apostates so human, they are not rabid, mentally diseased or full of gangrene, we who live the lie are the real source of evil! I wish there was a place righteous JWs could share their problems of being pious, rigtheous and full of themself. Will JW.ORG create message boards for people who sign "Because of my deep love for Jehovah, I will Pioneer this month and as long as we can get glory and praise from those who can't!

  • Satanus

    'I was happily devoid of emotion or compassion before I came here'

    In the catholic church, to control/deaden their feelings, they used self flagelate. If you can't self administer, perhaps your loving elder husband would help out. Good luck w ridding yourself of any kind of human feelings.


  • SunnyDays

    I think I know this person. She sounds exactly like my SILaw.

  • mrsjones5

    I love satire.


    Take the girl out and get her a nice Lady Gaga..

    Meat Dress..

    It`s perfect for the Field Service..


    It`s easy to make friends with vicious dogs in the yard..

    ............................. mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    Oh how I've missed you Aunt Connie. :)

  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet

    Poorly done satire or a troll.

  • jookbeard

    joke is wearing thin now

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Auntie Con, why are you so enjoyable to me?

  • bigmac

    i love aunti connie--i think her posts say a lot that other active dubs think but dare not say. of course the society attracts a lot of low-life---they all help spread the good news.

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