What Was Your "Status" Within The Organization?

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  • donny

    I was a Ministerial Servant who was very active in helping set up and run the sound systems at the assemblies and conventions. I was also active in the "Quick Build" Kingdom Hall projects that happened within a 300 mile radius of DFW.

  • clarity

    Right after baptism ...it seems like we get pigeonholed pretty quick!


    I was married at the time so ... I got a pass!


    Kept my "pass" status by years of "not missing meetings &

    10 hrs on a slip, 8 bc's, 2bible studies, 2 books & 6mags!!!!


    Then when I became single I was demoted to ..............

    O ...

    clarity ...... thank goodness me for that!

  • LisaRose

    I had a disfellowshipped mate, irregular in service, sporadic meeting attendance, in other words, lower than whale poop in the Marianas Trench

  • tresdecu

    I was a "undercover lazy" MS! Barely made 8-9 hrs in FS sometime 5-7 hrs. My average was not a pretty sight, Was considered a "good teacher" from the pulpit/platform. Gave good talks "I guess" from what I was told. Guess that meant I was just a good parrot with decent eye contact and gestures. I was friendly with everybody....I liked the bros and sis, A certain few elders really wanted me to become an elder...all I had to do was raise my hours a bit, and that would do it...how ridiculously simple.

    I started surfing this site while an MS....I planned a MS fade and stepped down cause of stress/depression/family issues. Worked great. I am still an active witnoid (1-5 hr pub) miss 60% of meetings.

  • minimus

    good thread should i say so myself

  • minimus

    Prologos, your ninth decade?? WOW!

  • undercover

    Were you a sought after associate?

    no, yes and then no again

    Were you often invisible?

    yes, no and then yes again

    Did other Witnesses view you as "exemplary"?

    yes, no, yes then no again

    Growing up in a fairly strict family, even in JW standards, I was somewhat of an outcast among other JW kids. But, I was considered exemplary by the adults, a good little dubbie kid. Then I was out on my own. Loosened up, got a little more worldly, though still an obedient dub. Made friends easier among the young adult group. Slipped in my service and reaching out. Wasn't so exemplary. Eventually removed as MS. Rebounded somewhat, became a little more serious about it, became exemplary again, but then my eyes were opened and I started my fade. No more friends, no longer exemplary, completely invisible

  • straightshooter

    I was an elder for 5 years before leaving. I was considered "exemplary", until the day the C.O. said I needed to be the Secretary in the cong and I said NO. Then the wheels of the org started to punish me for not volunteering for any duty.

  • ItsMyLife

    Dad converted when I was 18 months, Mum 18 months after that, Dad has been an elder most of my life. I was the eldest of several, the 'perfect' elder's kid, baptized at 15 (coz my best mate was), became inactive at 18. Went back pregnant several years later, still elder's daughter (apparently no identitiy of my own), otherwise ignored as single working mum/sister who had never pioneered.

    Not been to a meeting for a few months, had a couple of elder visits but only due to Dad being one. Couple of 'friends' have contacted me. 'Best' (HA) mate only been in touch recently to tell me her nephew was DF'd.

    So, status in cong - unimportant and not worth the bother!

  • ballistic

    aux then regular pioneer, went to pioneer school. Oh and I did the mics the amplifier guy and security at assemblies. It doesn't get any better, does it.

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