Crazy Weird Quotes in 1/15 WT Article - WT Society Opinions-Nothing More

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  • 00DAD

    So apparently "researchers" in the WT Propaganda Department scour the internet (Satan's Playground) looking for news of the weird and other extreme, bizarre and abberant behavior on the part of humans and other living things in search of grist for their mill.

    Look, so completely kooky person in a far-off corner of the globe did this completely crazy thing. Now we know you weren't even thinking of doing something so insanely stupid, but now that you know about it we want to caution you: Don't do it!

    God loves you ... and he needs to you to stay awake at these meetings so you can learn how to spread the word. When you're not doing that, work hard (but not TOO hard) so you can earn money to give to God. Why? Because God needs money!

    See the November 15th, 2012 Watchtower, page 9 for details on how you too can support God with his material needs.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    I actually remember that story when it happened though. It gained a certain amount of press just because of how bizarre it is.

  • sseveninches

    Paragraph 7. WTF

  • scary21

    Sorry to rob you of your joy, and distract from my spiritual purpose but I really think you should see a doctor about that cat bite ! It looks infected. I hope my savings can tide me through until I can find another job..........Come on Satan you can do it....I'm counting on you ! lol lol

  • flipper

    00DAD- Like yourself I found out that I too felt a lot less stress when I stopped attending these mind numbing meetings. It really was like we were getting mentally beaten up. I feel so much more free now mentally ! I agree with you that WT leaders and their minions probably do scour the Internet and news reports to use weird experiences to drive home their skewed points to control JW's minds. They love taking information out of context and twisting it to further their WT marketing schemes. It's amazing.

    INNERPEACE- Good point. If your 6 year old is wise enough to see that WT Society information makes no sense- what does that tell you about the JW adults who get sucked into it ! ? Incredible.

    BOB_NC- Very true. The negativity that prevails at these meetings is so pervasive it saturates in many Witnesses mindsets. I'm so glad I haven't been to one of these marketing sessions in over 9 years. My mind is better off because of it.

    BREAKFAST of CHAMPIONS- Exactly. This thread could very well be the BS thread. WT Society is using such weird BS these days to control JW's minds. They will stoop to any means to not lose control of JW's lives. It's insane.

    ON THE WAY OUT- It's incredible how insensitive the WT leaders are to individual Witnesses health problems. And the eagle illustration was just lame. I agree with you after the 1995 debacle it behooved Witnesses to start saving for retirement, be glad that you took the hint and did so. For 133 years the WT Society has made a living off of failed expectations and will probably continue to do so. Pretty bizarre.

    WHA HAPPENED ? - Love your comments ! Pretty hilarious. I do think the wT Society plays these Witnesses for fools for sure. The level of idiocy in the WT magazines is insane.

    HABOOB 48- I'm number 8 on the list of Eagles prey they want to eat ? Ouch ! As a dolphin I better dive back under the water ! LOL ! WT is full of silly writings for sure.

    BARROLD bONDS- The kidney story is true ? Pretty weird.

    PROBLEMADDICT- Pretty bizarre the eagle and fish scenario. When I used to fish a lot- I had some big fish that tried to drown me too, at least get me wet. LOL !

    SSEVENINCHES- Indeed pretty weird them saying Satan uses sickness to break your relationship with God.

    SCARY 21- Exactly. Satan is blessing everybody in a material way ! Including the WT Society ! LOL ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • SAHS

    Paragraph 9 : " Offering health advice or products- solicited or unsolicited - can detract from our spiritual purpose and rob others of their joy. "

    One of the brothers in my congregation works as a pharmacist. What is he supposed to do, quit his job? Yeah, we can just leave all health advice to the Governing Body/Faithful and Discreet Slave. After all, they have such a good track record in that department - just refer to the May 22, 1994, issue of Awake! with all the photos on the front cover of the children who put Jehovah/WT/GB first in their lives by actually giving their lives to them by refusing blood transfusion therapy. Yes sir, they have the best health advice you can get.

  • nugget

    so being sick serves Satan's purpose. Being ill is the last genuine excuse for missing meetings and field service so this statement makes being sick something else to be guilty about. This applies pressure to those that feign illness to quit it and fall back into line. It also means that people who are genuinely ill will be looked at critically by others for allowing themselves to be under Satan's influence. Cults shoot their wounded how long before this too is a reason for Elders to take you aside and tell you chronic illness is no excuse for missing meetings.

  • rebel8

    The kidney story was reported in mainstream media and there is a pic of his surgical scar. was a teenager (brain not yet fully developed, hence bad judgement, inability to fully comprehend consequences of actions).'s so like wts to pick an obscure scenario of a random desperate or wacked out event and then draw some sort of inappropriate conclusion about it. Really? Of all the things that you need to educate your flock about, that's one of the top topics? Not to get fooled into thinking you need a computer so bad you sell one of your organs?

    However...the eagle story doesn't hold up. But I will guard against not releasing my talons in the water because wts says it could happen to me. lol. That is a real winner.

  • Scott77

    Paragraph 13 : " Jehovah blesses our balanced efforts to obtain life's necessities. He does not want us to be falling asleep during meetings because of overwork or to be sitting in the Kingdom Hall worrying about money . "
    This is the height of insanity and clearly, the writers have displayed a lack of knowledge as to why people fall asleep during meetings. For example, some people have sleep apnea and they are not aware of that sleep disorder due to lack of treatment or diagnosis. For those of you unfamiliar with Sleep Apnea, here is some information.




    Sleep Apnea
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    . . Obstructive
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    Why should airflow into the lungs drop during sleep? There are two main causes. These causes define the two major types of sleep apnea:
    Type of Sleep ApneaThe ProblemSite of ProblemMajor Causes
    ObstructiveAirflow is blocked.
    Air cannot enter lungs.
    AirwayWeight (adults).
    Tonsils (children).
    Jaw anatomy.
    CentralThe drive to breathe is reduced.BrainHeart failure.

    A person with sleep apnea usually has one of the two types predominate. A third type of sleep apnea is "mixed sleep apnea" -- a combination of obstructive and central.

    When people talk about "sleep apnea," they usually mean obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is more common in the general population than central sleep apnea.

    Snoring is related to OSA. About 70% of people with OSA will snore. About 25% of people who snore have OSA.

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    central sleep apnea,

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  • hoser

    Paragraph 13 : " Jehovah blesses our balanced efforts to obtain life's necessities. He does not want us to be falling asleep during meetings because of overwork or to be sitting in the Kingdom Hall worrying about money . "

    Then he should encourage all of us to get a good education so we don't have to work 80 hours a week as unskilled labourers to pay our bills


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