Crazy Weird Quotes in 1/15 WT Article - WT Society Opinions-Nothing More

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  • wasblind

    Paragraph 3 : " Marketers cleverly convince people that they must have the latest products. One young man so passionately desired a particular tablet computer that he secretly sold one of his kidneys to buy it. What a shortsighted sacrifice ! "

    But in the long run , tablets door to door, what a convenient way to keep up wit' New light

    Paragraph 7 : " Sickness serves Satan's purpose, for when we are sick, it is harder for us to serve Jehovah. And if we die, we cannot serve him at all. Naturally, then, we want to do what we can to stay healthy. "

    " People themselves change ; serious problems ( sickness ) in life may stimulate an awareness of spiritual need. " _____Reasoning book page 206

    Paragraph 9 : " Offering health advice or products- solicited or unsolicited - can detract from our spiritual purpose and rob others of their joy. "

    " As for blood fractions the bible does not comment "__________August Awake 2006 page 12

    Paragraph 13 : " Jehovah blesses our balanced efforts to obtain life's necessities. He does not want us to be falling asleep during meetings because of overwork or to be sitting in the Kingdom Hall worrying about money . "

    " We could pioneer more, lengthen time in ministry, stay out an extra 30 minutes"_____March 2008 Kingdom Ministry page 1

    Paragraph 14 : " Certain eagles are reported to have drowned when they did not release from their talons a fish that was too heavy to carry off. Could something similar happen to a Christian ? "

    " Why have there been changes over the years in the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses ?______Reasoning book page 205 Because they don't know anything

    Paragraph 15 : " Indeed, resting our hope on our savings, investments, or ability to earn money in this system amounts to resting our hope on " the god of this system, " Satan. "

    ATTENTION : All Witnesses bound for paradise, please store you treasures in Heaven, you won't be needin' them


  • flipper

    Thanks for your replies ! Very good takes.

    SAHS- Very good points you make. The WT Society's record of trying to give medical advice has been deadly and abyssmal - to say the least. Children dying from lack of blood transfusions - it's insane. Their advice has killed people. I hope the Pharmacist " brother " you know keeps speaking out and helping others.

    NUGGET- Isn't this information just insane ? Putting people down for getting sick ? Saying that it was " Satan " who does this to them ? As you mentioned it's just another method to keep JW's feeling guilty and make them feel like their self worth is like pond scum. It also fosters fear within JW's that " Satan " must be among them making everybody sick ! I mean, it's just freaking nuts.

    REBEL 8- I didn't realize the kidney story was true- but I agree with you if the kid was a teenager he didn't have emotional maturity to be making a lame decision like he did. AS you say the WT Society is aLWAYS taking random information out of context that they allegedly " research " - then twist it into fitting in their agenda however they desire. Trult twisted. Yeah, sis- ya better watch where you release your talons at , or even still WHO you release your talons on ! LOL ! Lots of weird prey out there in the world ! LOL ! That eagle example was really funny ! I got a kick out of it.

    SCOTT 77- You bring up a VERY valid point regarding sleep apnea. My older dad has had sleep apnea for years and has to wear a machine at night to breathe right. By the WT Society putting down people who go to sleep at meetings - they show insensitivity towards people suffering from sleep disorders. Thanks for posting the sleep apnea chart, it's very informative !

    HOSER- Exactly ! If I hadn't had to work 50 to 60 hours a week in early morning hours just to survive years ago when I was a JW - I wouldn't have fallen asleep so much at meetings myself ! I remember one occurence where I fell asleep in my chair during the Ministry school- and dropped my Bible onto the floor - these older " sisters " looked at me like I had committed the " unforgiveable sin " against the holy spirit ! LOL ! I just looked at the horror on their faces and smiled. Amazing how superstitious hese people are

  • flipper

    WASBLIND- You make very good points ( thanks for the examples ) of how changeable and unpredictable the WT Society is in their various articles and takes on things. They change their doctrines and views as often as people drink water or change their clothes. Just depends what serves the wT Society's purpose. Really ridiculous. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • wasblind

    I wish I could take the credit Flipp, all but two of those qoutes are compliments from the WTS

    Paragraph 14 : " Certain eagles are reported to have drowned when they did not release from their talons a fish that was too heavy to carry off.
    Could something similar happen to a Christian ? "

    JW`s can Fly..And..

    Catch Fish with Their Feet?..

    .............................. mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Crazy obscure news is what the WT seeks, and the dubs eat it up. When my "friends" start in this direction I just laugh. Then I start drilling them on what the odds were for that to occur, if they know someone that it happened to. They just like the shock factor.

    The old guys just like screwing with the rank and file, like a slightly senile grandpa who was an ass when he was younger, and now he just states whatever he wants and gets away with it

  • tiki

    hahahah - lovin it Outlaw!!! (your calendar comments too...:))

    the one here that really blows my mind is that sickness is a satanic edge - keep you from meetings and h-h the conclusion would have to be that the devil made you sick why is he making non-witnesses sick too? so now spread the guilt even further - a person get a virus and they can not only feel miserable bodily but now have to feel that satan is targetting them to keep them from kingdom activities. omg.............that is one really dumb line.

    and eagles drowning because of heavy fish - well what does that prove? seriously?!?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I wonder if they bet back and forth on who can come up with the strangest quote, kind of like the old guys in Trading Places

  • 00DAD

    WT: when we are sick, it is harder for us to serve Jehovah. And if we die, we cannot serve him at all.

    I'm really glad they cleared that up. I was a little confused on the subject!

    Seriously, this is written at something around a pre-school level. Probably a product of the mind of Stephen Lett, the resident genius.

  • heathen

    That's some crazy s!$t all right , from what i remember in the bible whenever some one got sick it was because they had sinned and needed to confess and be prayed over . Of course the 144k are not supposed to die of physical sickness . When people do get deathly ill they do tend to find a need for GOD , I found that out when my dad had cancer , They do love to use other peoples idiocy to warn their own with even though their own idiocy can be worse .

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