Crazy Weird Quotes in 1/15 WT Article - WT Society Opinions-Nothing More

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  • Eustace

    And if we die, we cannot serve him at all.

    Yeah, that's the only reason not to want to die!

    Getting this idea in people's heads is the reason they went with that quote, I'd reckon:

    Not Serving Jehovah (i.e. not knocking on doors with the JDubs) = Death

    Cult mind control techniques often involve this sort of backwards logic, where an idea is introduced into the mind by implication.

  • flipper

    WASBLIND- Exactly. The WTS shoots itself in the foot by it's own quotes ! Thanks for supplying the quotes .

    OUTLAW- Indeed JW's can do VERY strange things ! LOL !

    WHA HAPPENED ? - I have an older JW dad who kind of spouts off weird stuff from the news trying to paint the JW picture of things too. It's bizarre. WT Society does use news items that are odd to make their points for sure. They are terminally weird.

    TIKI- It really is twisted and cruel for the WT Society to insinuate if their members get sick - it's due to Satan's influence. Wow. It just really pounds in the guilt even further like a sledgehammer into their brains ! Really weird.

    00DAD- It is amazing isn't it how idiotic and pre school mentality these statements are ! Do they take JW's for fools ? Well- unfortunately the answer is " yes " they do. Very sad.

    HEATHEN- Like yourself I was raised up in the JW's from birth and taught that getting sick was due to inherited sin , not Satan attacking us ! It's really just another guilt inducing indoctrination method by WT Society leaders. They really are an evil bunch of bastards.

    EUSTACE- Very good point you make that it is a mind control tactic telling people that " not serving Jehovah ( i.e. not knocking on the doors with J-dubs ) = DEATH. " Really twisted forms of reasoning and a sly way of telling JW's that if they are dead they aren't worth anything and it makes JW's FEAR death also. So it's a combination GUILT AND FEAR tactic

  • Scott77

    This story section is from this website link posted by Rebel8.

    An eagle is sometimes spotted in the water, talons latched on a heavy salmon, laboriously rowing to shore with its wings. It’s a clumsy swimming style, but it works. It’s said that the eagle can’t let go, that the talons somehow lock on to the fish. That’s not true. There is no involuntary locking mechanism, and the eagle could let go if it wished. The hungry bird has simply decided the meal is worth the swim.

    Jacobson said that over the years there have been a number of observations of eagles grabbing fish and getting pulled underwater. He said it’s not because they can’t release their talons, “They can let go,” he said.

    “It’s common for them to get a hold of a fish that’s too heavy to fly with…they can’t take off but they can tow it to shore, rowing with their wings. They’re pretty good swimmers. They have thick down so they float pretty well. Occasionally they’ll drown if they’re too far from shore.”

    State wildlife biologist Rich Lowell of Petersburg said it’s not unusual for eagles to end up in the water. His office next door to a fish processing plant overlooks the water and he’s seen an eagle intentionally land on the water to pick up fish scraps discarded by the workers. He said contrary to popular belief, an eagle can take off from the surface of the water as long as it does not sit there too long and get its wings wet. He added that while eagles can certainly lock on with their talons, it is a purely voluntary action and they can release at will.

    Riley Woodford is a writer for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. He is the editor of Alaska Fish and Wildlife News and produces the Sounds Wild radio program.

    That is from a link posted by label8. I thought it was very interesting. The Watchtower probably using this section of the story for its own misguided purpose.
  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet


    1. Worldly people are so crazy, they will do any damn-fool thing to buy crap.

    2. The worst thing about death is that you can't door-knock anymore, not the grieving family left behind. Oh, and don't let that touch of cancer get in the way of putting in your hours.

    3. "I want you to feel better" makes you the anti-Christ, whatever that is. So what if that order contradicts the not-getting-sick mandate.

    4. We hog-tie your attempts to get an education, so you have to work long hours at menial labor just to survive. We don't care -- look lively and increase your time in field service. And if you get sick from working so hard, it's still your own fault.

    5. Eagle/fish metaphor to keep dubs from getting greedy and wanting things like tablets. Like they could afford them on their measly wages.

    6. "... resting our hope on ... ability to make money..." Cancel point 4. Serve God and starve.

  • flipper

    SCOTT 77- Thanks for posting the story on the eagle ! It certainly shows how offbase the WT Society's take on it was. Jeez.

    RETURN of PARAKEET- The WT Society certainly plays mind games as you show in your statements here. Good analogy of the material. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • sd-7
    " Sickness serves Satan's purpose, for when we are sick, it is harder for us to serve Jehovah. And if we die, we cannot serve him at all. Naturally, then, we want to do what we can to stay healthy. "

    Because obviously, that's the only reason we don't want to get sick, right? I mean, there's just absolutely nothing else in life worth staying healthy for. Truly these guys are some sick f***s.

    Certain eagles are reported to have drowned when they did not release from their talons a fish that was too heavy to carry off. Could something similar happen to a Christian ?

    Nope. We invented fishing hooks, lifejackets, CPR, that sort of thing. So...we're good, long as we follow common sense safety guidelines. Imitate Peter's example--use a net!

    " Indeed, resting our hope on our savings, investments, or ability to earn money in this system amounts to resting our hope on " the god of this system, " Satan. "

    Well, then, better not give you guys any donations--certainly not any savings accounts, investments, or indeed any work that has monetary value at all, lest we put you in a position of resting your hope on Satan...just to be safe. Wouldn't want you to be stumbled on my account.


  • flipper

    SD-7- Exactly, very good point SD. In place of the WT Society claiming the only reason we don't want to get sick is because " it is harder for us to serve Jehovah ". What they're REALLY saying is we don't want to get sick because " it is harder for us to serve WT Society needs and functions. " They are one of the most selfish, self serving organizations I know of on this planet. And very true- as long as we use common sense we won't drown like eagles. And exactly how I saw the " resting our hope on savings, meaning Satan " statement. It's like - How in the hell can the WT Society justify THEIR building up of millions of $$$$ to their corporation when they accuse their own followers of being controlled by Satan if THEY save money ? Did I say this is one of the most hypocritical organizations I've ever known as well ? It's infuriating. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • punkofnice

    Para 3 JW's cleverly convince people that they must have the latest Magazines.

    Para 7 And if we die, we cannot serve him at all. (Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha proof positive the writers of this a cuckoo)

    Para 9 Offering health advice or products- solicited or unsolicited - can detract from our spiritual purpose and rob others of their joy. Unless it's some quackery in an Awake!like "Are You Plagued With Loose Bowels?" I also refer to para 13

    Para 14 ??????? looney writing committee

    Para 15 = you don't need your money, give it to the GB who'll put a good word in with god for you (although in their own eyes they are higher than god)

  • hoser

    The eagle drowning illustration was meant to tell people not to invest in the stock exchange.

    It gives the example of Alex* who lost his house by investing in the stock market. He just couldn't let go of a losing investment, he had to hold on right to the bottom. The message is "do not invest in this system"

    What they don't tell you is that while naive Alex* was losing his shirt a saavy trader was probably raking in the cash by having a short position on the same shares Alex* lost his house over.

    So they teach the brothers to take no risk which is the road to continued wage slavery and the Oh how hard this old system is story.

    *some names have been changed


  • sd-7
    And if we die, we cannot serve him at all.

    This may also be an unintentional slip of the tongue. What happened to the resurrection, guys? Or "Millions Now Living Will Never Die"? Looks like dying really is it, after which case, I really need to not waste 5 hours a week at meetings, 'cause that's like, what, let me see here...whoa, 260 hours a year? 11 days of life per year spent just zombied out at meetings? No way, man.


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