The Other Side of the Indian Rape Story

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  • talesin

    The Canadian PM is not much respected by the people here, and his relatively small cabal of loyal followers would not be enough to get the death penalty back. (thank you Jeebus, for small mercies)

    Violating and viciously killing a woman by raping her with a piece of steel so violently that her guts are ripped up? That type of savagery has no reasons attached. It is sadistic torture, not sexual gratification. It would be interesting to know if the perp really 'was' the young guy, or is he the patsy?



  • cofty
    There are writers who churn out articles attempting to get one to understand the other side of the story about why Nazis would toss Jews into the ovens. - kurtbethel

    That is a good illustration. There are reasons why 20th Century Germany bought into Hitler's madness with frightening enthusiasm. Unless we try to understand those reasons we are ill-equiped to ensure those same circumstances are not repeated.

  • prologos

    Joe Grundy, sorry to hear about your daughter. my further victim statement, as I remember just now: My aunt ( a strikingly beautiful woman) hanged herself in 1945 inside what became the "eastern block" territory to "escape" further gang rapes by the military. My sister-in-law a Gileadite WT missionary was raped in India, while in the "SERVICE", cutting short that assignement. (Angelic protection??? where is it, when we need it?? WTBtS writers?)

    There is no record of the men of the city of Troy abducting any more beauties after it was sacked by aggamemnon, achilles and co. Dinas "admirers" had their "honorable" carreer as romeos cut short too. Their volontary cutting was too little too late.

    The recent riots in India show that its not all the people of India that are bleeding hearts there either.

    Prov.1:8, 6:20 speaks of the powerful "LAW of YOUR MOTHER". are these guys listening? are these mothers laying down the law?

    The gods are not helping, its DY for protection. the second amendment?

  • brinjen

    I'm curious as to why the author of the article in the OP chose to focus on poverty. Yes... I do realise India is not a rich country but is it an economics issue to begin with? In other words... is it only the poorest of India that are guilty of rape or is the problem more widespread?

    prologos... I agree. Victims need help now now. I would like to see a change of attitude towards women as a more long term solution but of course that immediately begs the question... HOW?

    Fundamental religion keeps rearing it's ugly head. Eve teasing, the body shutting down pregnancy when it's legitimite rape, shunning a victim for not screaming enough. Not to mention domestic violence, discrimination, the glass ceiling etc...

  • prologos

    talesin: thank you! that what I was thinking right away too, in these jurisdictions crimes done by the powerful are covered, scapegoats easily railroaded into injustice. Even in western courts, several convicted sex/murderers were now later exonerated using advanced genetic tests. What terrible guilt on the authorities had these maligned but innocent men been executed.

    I do not think most rapes are about power.its about hormones deregulated. the subsequent killing might be.- did not one bible character "hate" his victim after the rape?

    Power? of course their are stories like Kadafi prescribing mandatory Viagra to his troops,

    a many pronged effort could draw this problem down. hopefully. By all means protect the victim BEFORE it happens,

  • wasblind

    By the time we are 11 years old, we at least know the basics

    of what is regaurded as right and wrong . Indian culture include

    this young boy contributed and witnessed the horror and pain he caused

    on that young womans face

    Poverty may be an excuse for stealin' a basic need such as food

    but there is no excuse under the Sun as to why that act was commited

    none what so ever

    Full time Student made it clear to me that he was not in defense of

    what the boy did. He only posted another take on the story


    As a parent, I feel this boy should get all that's comin' to the full

    extent of the law.

    As far as I'm concerned . Here in the U.S. they should stop

    givin' protection to under aged gang members and prosecute

    them to the full extent of the law.


  • still thinking
    still thinking

    I guess the psychologist/scientist in me wants to understand the functioning of a mind that would do something so horrible...mamochan

    I agree with that, and understand why you would want to understand, I do too...But I also see excuses eg. Poverty...not an excuse or a reason.

    Attitudes are what cause this type of behaviour. Belief about the value of other human lives. Thats where is stems from. Poverty is one result of this attitude...If we all cared about poverty, we would do more about it. But many governments are corrupt and contribute to this poverty and it is like fighting a loosing battle.

    In a society where women are treated as chattels...they are not valued as humans...when we devalue people it doesn't just stop with starts to encompass all human life...and life in general.

    I think these men deserve harsh penalties for what they did. But I also see that harsh penalties are not the solution. They only deter people who would be not behave like this in the first place. Our prisons attest to that.

    These issues run deep within our societies...ALL societies. Some just more widespread than others.

    Its an issue of human rights and freedom of speech, education and understanding. Ignorance is our greatest enemy. And in some of these countries Religion is the greatest barrier to education and understanding.

  • fulltimestudent
  • bohm

    fulltimestudent: again, why on earth would you want to turn the real problems of povertry with such a looser case?

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    fulltimestudent...I really would appreciate you making a comment along with your clips so that we know what point you are trying to make. And not just guess.

    In fact...a comment with the OP would have clarified what YOU were trying to say.

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