The Other Side of the Indian Rape Story

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I agree with cofty

    all you shitheads condemning fulltimestudent, so are you people any better?

    no wonder i don't visit here much now.

    Is better by not agreeing with a post? Or is better agreeing with a post. Oh I forgot, this is a discussion board.

  • yesidid

    Poverty could be used as an excuse for stealing......................but raping and killing????????????????????

    Are you totally out of your brain?

  • fedup

    We all have it easy here, no pressures in life, full of money and all the sex we can desire. Meanwhile in India, FTS teaches us to have a balanced view, those financially poor men, nothing to eat, no sex, of course, what else to do but to violently rape and murder. FTS and friends, why don't you start a charity and teach the world how wrong we are for being upset at those poor men. Send them cash so they can hire whores and stop the raping. And we're the shitheads.
  • perfect1

    Ive spent time in India. Have you.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I didn't know that spending time in India made us a better judge of morality, or lack thereof.

    I thought rape is rape. Or are we going to start dividing rape into fractions, parts that are acceptable to christians

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Thank you The Independent for the clarified understanding.

  • imfreeimfree

    Fedup said,

    "how wrong we are for being upset at those poor men"

    I rest my case .

  • perfect1

    wha Happend I agree this post is absurd- my previous statement was directed at the OPs assertion that we just cant understand what poverty is like there.

    I noticed a pattern of full time student trying to be provocative about global issues and taking the stance that we just dont get it here- but at the same time seems to lack any real life experience abroad. That was my point.

  • mamochan13

    One of the first things people say after a horrific crime is committed is: why? Investigators are trying to find a motive for the young man who killed little schoolchildren. Finding a reason for a behaviour does not mean you excuse it. You find a reason for why it happened because it might provide insight into how to prevent it from happening again. In some cases understanding a behaviour allows people to achieve forgiveness, which can be important towards healing.

    Fulltime student posted an article by a respectable paper which tries to do exactly that - provide information that could give some insight into why this person did what he did. The OP is not condoning the action in any way by trying to find an explanation.

    There is never any excuse for rape, brutality against women, murder. Understanding why it happens is important.

  • cofty

    Exactly Mamochan13 - It is entirely reasonable for a person to both condemn a crime, call for the most severe punishment AND say intelligent things about the circumstances that led to it and makes it more likely to happen again.

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