The Other Side of the Indian Rape Story

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  • prologos

    It hurts to have these despicable cowards given any press time. I also see here a class (caste) warfare component. She was a lady in the improvement curve. It was showing contempt for advancement too. THis is an outragious crime, the sad part is that these ingrained attitudes are being exported and are showing up outside that sub-continent (follow the news out of Great Britain!). Any society that does not protect its most precious members must be sub-something.

    question for WTBtS: how does this prove Jehovahs "SOUVEREIGNITY"? or power compassion of any GOD?

    I hope the right deterrent will be used.

    to keep the precious ones safe.

  • brinjen

    I'm not sure if a deterrent is an appropiate long term solution. To me... it would be better to locate the cause of the problem/s and see if there is a way to overcome them. I do understand where this article is coming from... I don't see it as trying to condone anything but I do believe they are looking from the wrong angle. Having said that, you're not going to know for sure which way is right until you've looked at all arguments and views.

  • prologos

    brinjen, if you ever were a witness to such atrocities as I have, you would understand an hope that deterrent would work. think of MI-lai and the repeat in Irac. and as a credit to the involved army, these were very isolated and prosecuted violations. But think if a harsher deterrent /consequence was enforced and publisized, the tempted crowbar rapists would perhaps stop before they get on the slippery slope of unstoppable insane human savagery.

    if its the system fault it is indicted too. can it be shamed into reform?

  • smiddy

    I don`t see "deterrent "as the reason why I support capital punishment , to me capital punishment is the consequence to the crime comitted .These people comitted a heinous crime against this young woman inflicting internal injuries resulting in her agonising death . They deserve the death penalty.


  • Cagefighter

    FTS, this is not a guy that wanted a little pussy so bad he wasn't going to take "no" for an answer. That is a terrible crime in itself and the article might have some that would warrant my consideration. I am not saying I agree or would not agree..just saying I would listen.

    HOWEVER! THIS GUY(S) GANGRAPED AND THEN RAN HER THROUGH WITH A PIECE OF IRON BAR WHICH KILLED HER! That is not some smelly indian guy with zits trying to bust a nut. That is murder in the most sadistic and psychopathic sense possible.

    I don't feel that any socio-economic factors can ever come close to mitigating this perverts actions, and apparently the people of India whom I imagine live in the same considitions agree. I say, get a rope!

    FTS, what's next are you going to dig up an article about Hitler's stained relationship with the Jewish community of Europe?

  • brinjen

    prologos... are deterrants a suitable long term solution though?. Do they solve the problem or just succeed in creating a 'how not to get caught' culture?

  • prologos

    brinjen: of course if evolution works and we do become better, yes. arranged marriages from puberty on to eliminate sexual hormone driven tensions? world wide BOE jurisdictions? hope not! shaming the communities?

    The trouble for me is that the ladies suffering (this goes for underage victims too), need help NOW, and anything that stops even one incident is worth the work. In my book, memories, anyone that contemplates and perpetuates such crime has lost all his civil rights. His only redeeming feature would be having his demise serve as a deterrent for errant behavior of that kind. sorry for the throwback to OT jargon. ps:

    even the Canadian prime minister mused about bringing back the death penalty in an apalling abduction, sex/murder of a 9 year old. this has to stop.

    victims rights first and foremost.

  • GromitSK

    Rape is usuallY not seen as being about sex per se, but power. Judging by the population explosion sex isn't a commodity in short supply in India. There is no need to force sex on another person in any situation I can envisage, and most definitely not as a gang. These dreadful offences are about taking advantage of weaker people for selfish reasons - nothing more, nothing less.

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    (Entering the fray).

    I know a little about rape. As a cop for 30 years I investigated more cases than I want to remember. On a personal level, my daughter was raped.

    This was an horrific attack and should be dealt with in such a way as to reflect the horror.

    But it's also an opportunity to discuss why it happened. Why are attitudes to victims (and potential victims) such that these things happen? It's not only women that get raped, but why in so many cultures are women so devalued? Why is there a culture of child brides in so many places (not excluding the US)?

    Why do so many fundamentalists in so many religions glory in the OT accounts of genocide, etc., but more relevant to this issue, the capture and enslavement of young women as sexual slaves?

    Those of us who consider ourselves as 'civilised' (whatever that means) could make a start by challenging the god(s) of the OT who not only condoned but encouraged rape.

  • biometrics

    People like to blame circumstances, other people, ... anything but themselves.

    Regardless of whether he's rich, poor, black, white, young, old ... it's no excuse. If this boy played any part he deserves absolutely no sympathy.

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