Jan. 1 WT, Their confession for given incorrect dates for the end.

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  • caliber


    We're sorry it’s public… so let’s downplay what happened

    “We're sorry… that our reputation was hurt by this”

  • jam

    Emery: I thought the same "use when ever somebody

    drops the false prophecy". But apparently she wasn,t aware

    of the article, because she ask why did I leave. I told her 1975

    was one of the reasons and the other I was DF, LOL.

    But she didn,t turn to the article "incorrect dates". She stumbled

    badly through her presentation, never addressing incorrect dates.

  • problemaddict


    It is to disarm the like of you fine people. I can almost bet every elder will ahve a cpy of this in their flock book after the elders meeting suggests it, and they will go the whole "would you rather be part of an organization that can admit when its wrong and doesn't just stay in falsehood, or a religion of Christendom where they stubbornly hold only long held beliefs such as the trinity and hellfire."

    This will be disarming to most. They are starting to get wise on some of this, and it is sort of brilliant on their part. We need to foster a response that combats what the purpose of the statement really is.


    " to be fair, no one was ever disfellowshipped because they didn't accept an end date, especially not 1975). "

    They just DF you for not respecting the GB/FDS, the representatives and mouthpiece of GOD.... but not for failing to accept an end date. LOL!!!

  • daringhart13

    Yes......just imagine if you were someone in 1984 that so much as asked a question about 'this generation'

    You're labeled for life as an apostate and likely DF'd

    Anyone that doesn't see the hypocrisy of this cult is truly mentally and emotionally brainwashed.

  • jam

    Problemaddict: I totally agree 'to disarm the like of you fine people".

    We are a pain in the butt. The world may remerber 1975, but they

    care less but on the other hand "we" who have been inside the cult

    and know more about the borg then the average JW, create a big


    I have notice when they come to my door and I tell them my background

    (Elder, missionary etc.) we never talk about the scriptures.

    The conversation go like this, why did you leave. (JW,s) yes you

    right the brothers did run ahead or I have friends that don,t

    shun their family members. When are you coming back there have

    been a lot of changes since you left, LOL.

  • Aurelius

    The 'expectations' were apparently, at the time, as a result of 'new light' !!! Now that the 'new light' was wrong who really was responsible for providing the 'gloom' .

  • Emery

    It may help them with 1975, but it doesnt help them with their appointment in 1919. They claim Jesus chose them during their worst times of false predictions and prophecy. The year 1919 is so vitaly important to address. Yes, they had wrong expectations on some dates, BUT they declared it as INDISPUTABLE FACT for the years of 1918 and 1925. They cannot out run or rationalize these 2 years in the least bit! They were already the established channel to Jah and invisibly chosen by the divine entities that be.

  • Apognophos

    There's one important difference between 1919 and 1975, which is that no one remembers 1919 ;-) Yes, we have seen the foolishness in the literature from that time period, but we're not exactly good Witnesses, are we? The average Witness only sees back to 1950 (is that still the case?) on his CD-ROM. If they end up using only the Online Library in the future, well, that goes back to 2000, right? So the mistakes of the early 20th century are not easily dug up. If one were to dig them up, then good luck if he tries to bring it to anyone's attention in the congregation. So I don't see any challenge to the GB's claims of authority coming on the basis of false dates like 1918 and 1925.

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